Friday, 5 December 2014

Wash Day - Hurray for Coconut milk powder and shout out to banana.

Coconut milk powder, why did I leave you?

I cannot believe that I left Coconut milk powder out of my wash days for so long. I don't even know why I stopped using it. I think because we have moved and everything is still all over the place, it's just been easier to grab whatever I come across.
It was when I was in Tesco and saw a sachet of CMP that I remembered it had been such a long time since I used it and dropped it into my basket smiling and looking forward to the next wash day.
Three wash days later and it's deffo back into my wash day regime, whether mixed into my Pre-Poo or added in my Deep Condish mix it has been welcomed open armed.

I have to admit that banana made a guest appearance last wash day and it was like a visit from an old friend. It made my hair so soft and bouncy. I'll be mixing up my handmade mixes more often. Honey, CMP and Bananas - and their many friends - will once again be found in my bathroom.

This wash day I wanted to focus as much on the leave-ins as I did on the actual wash and condish products and techniques. My hair has been a little dry of late and I always have the *day after wash day dryness* that makes my hair cry.
I know the washing and lovingly mixed condish leave my hair feeling great but I'm wondering if it's time to invest on some high end leave-in products.

I used my Hairlicious and EVCO overnight and didn't do a pre-poo the next day as I felt the oils were still in my hair and enough to double as a pre-poo.
I washed my hair with my sulphate free L'Oreal Professhinnel Serie Nature Riche Macadamia Shampoo, 
** (It just hit me that I haven't used it since we moved as I had to remove the cellotape I placed on it to stop leaks. I've used the shampoo I use to clarify every time I washed my hair. I need to clarify after my crochet braids/plaits, before I straightened and after I straightened too- could that be the reason for my dry hair? )**
It felt soooooo good I love the way this shampoo feels and I am dreading the day when it finishes as I don't even know where I can get it from again. I rinsed and then added some more and left it on while I showered. When I rinsed it out again my hair felt clean but not stripped, I dried it it a little then
poured my tea rinse over my head this time I used Rooibus, Sage and Peppermint this time round.
I blotted the excess rinse out my hair and proceeded to Deep Condish. I wanted to use my Baba de Caracol intensive treatment and applied it to my hair, I decided to layer it up with a Condish mix. I like to use it directly on my hair rather than mixed in with anything else but I like to add something creamy ontop so I mixed up Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Treeatment- so glad it's finished as the smell is overpowering, great results just too strong. - and Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Mask with a bit of my Hairlicious and applied that  to my hair in four sections, de-tangling and looslely bantu knotting each one. On went the gold conditioning cap and a scarf.

I left the mix on my hair for a good few hours and rinsed it out late in the evening and finished off with an ACV rinse and wrapped my hair up in a vest and let it dry for awhile.

I wanted to try a slightly different leave-in method so instead of putting my leave-ins straight away I waited till my hair was around 60% dry, put it into  8 sections and reached for my new Herbal Essences Strengthening Cream and sprayed it into my hand. - I had thought it might replace my beloved HE Beautiful Ends but the consistency is all weird, not thick enough to be a cream and not thin enough to be a spray -  I decided to use it as the liquid part of my leave-ins and as my hair had a little moisture from washing left it worked well.
I used my Hairlicious to oil my scalp, massaged it lightly and then smoothed Profectiv Mega Growth Break Free Daily Leave-In Stregnthener, through my hair. I used my wide tooth comb to de-tangle then sealed with EVCO and pure Shea Butter from Ghana. I worked on each section individually and twisted it up and moved on to the next. When I had worked through all of my hair, I covered it back up with my vest and left it to dry for a bit more.

When my hair was around 85% dry I was tired lololol, I then untwisted a section at a time, smoothed with my denman brush and African Threaded it up.
I massaged my hairline with Hairlicious and tied my small silk scarf, put on my satin bonnet and was happy to have finished.

Doing my leave-in like that seemed to have helped the *day-after-wash-day-dryness* and also Threading it up when it wasn't so wet gave me smoother results.
All in all a successful - if not loooooong - wash day.

After months on end of ummming and ahmming about adding my wash day to the #washdayexperience I am finally joining in. I have silently visited the lovely ladies who add their links and have found many great blogs that I read regularly that way so here we go, no longer hiding lol
Click the badge to visit the main page and have a look at everyones wash day,,, well ... experiences :)


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  1. Glad that you had a successful wash day! Those are the best.
    I had never heard of coconut milk powder before - I definitely will be looking out for it

    1. Thanks. Yes please do look out for it, it's great.


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