Thursday, 28 September 2017

Wash Day after Protective Styling.

Hiya!! as usual, I forgot to post that I added a video up.

This is (another) wash day video. I thought it would be fun to record one after a semi longterm protective style.
I was sent some activated charcoal shampoo and conditioner and it came at the right time as I wanted to get my hair and scalp squeaky clean after my ps.

I'd love to hear what you do to treat your hair after a protectve style.

Thanks for watching xxx

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Summer Holiday Recovery and little update.

Hiiiii!!!! OH MY GOSH!! I have just started to recover from the mayhem that is Summer Holidays.

Now let it be known right from the start that I do actually love my kiddies... I love them to bits... I do.
However... Summer Holidays can put all that love to the test.
I am one of those parents who teachers look at in a mixture of surprise, approval and disbelief when I utter the words "I cant wait for the holidays" Other parents give me the side eye until they realise I actually mean it... and I do.
I enjoy having my boys home, I enjoy having days without the rush and hurry of school mornings. I still end up waking up early but I have a more leisurely start to the day (and can even have a rest in bed if the kiddies are still asleep).

With all that being said, Summer Holidays can be hectic and stressful at times and the one that just went.... crazy. The UK weather often meant that my kiddies were "stuck" inside with pent up energy. I like to have activities at hand to keep them occupied but it was tricky at times because they really just wanted to be outside.

Grocery shopping and cooking was a madness also. Bread, milk and cereal seemed to have grown wings and flew off... I couldn't keep them in the house if I tried. I did have fun experimenting with different recipes and healthy snack ideas.

Along with all the fun, I had many opportunities to exercise my referee skills.... siblings can argue over the smallest things and hot tempers can end in fisticuffs..... did I actually just say "fisticuffs"?!

This year we didn't go away over the Summer as we are planning to go away later on so there wasn't even a vacation to break up the time so it was week after week of solid.... lets go with fun for positivity sake lol.

As the Holidays came towards the end, we went into "back to school" mode and got caught up in uniform and supplies mayhem which was followed by actual school preparations and then school starting back and slightly different routines that had to be put into place.

Added to a huge change for us as a family (hopefully I'll blog about this at a later date - and no there isn't a new addition to the family lol) we definitely were in a state of upheaval but we are just about coming to a steady routine now.

It seems that it really is the season for transitions and changes.

Life Update.

I used the summer to get a grip on all the things I need to change and improve in my life and am continuing with the start in changes. I will blog more in time and document my changes. The most apparent one is my extra weight loss. I had been trying over the summer to kick my weight loss up a notch and although I deffo could have done better, I made better choices and my clothes are showing the changes in my body. My face seems smaller to me and I did a double take a couple of days ago when I caught my reflection in a store window lololololol my legs look a little smaller, I was wondering who was walking so close to me but realised it was in fact me !!! wowwww!! I had a ditzy moment for sure but it really shocked me as I don't notice day to day. That morning I was wondering why my cardigan kept hanging weirdly and the sleeves were waaayy long, my trousers kept trailing under my shoe... when I saw my reflection it dawned on me that the clothes didn't mysteriously stretch... my body is starting to shrink. Haaaaaaaa its actually making me laugh as I type as it sounds so silly but yea.... that actually happened.

I also notice people that I haven't seen for a while do a double take when they see me.... those who don;t know me very well go to walk past me or look at me with a "where do I know you from look" when I say hi and then they seem to recognise me. A few actually mention they didn't recognise me.
Those who do know me explain that it's because of the weight I have lost.
I often think they're just being polite but that reflection episode has made me start to take their comments for truth.

A family wedding was another instance where so many people were shocked..... I don't even think I have lost that much though.... hmmmmm. The mind is a strange thing sometimes. Ill just keep going and my mind will eventually catch up with my body.

I am making active changes in my emotional/mental health as well as my physical health and have been referred by my GP to get some help. It feels both weird and nice that I am finally taking the steps towards a healthier mind.

SOoooo what a mega post that turned out to be!! If you read up to here thanks so much and if you skimmed down to the end I don;t really blame you lol.

Thanks as ever for reading my little blog. It's really warming to see the stats. I know I don't get many comments - please don't be shy I love a good chat... evidently­čśü - but I do appreciate all of you who take the time to visit and read. Have a great day xxx