Monday, 16 July 2018

Personalised Hair Growth routine/regime{n} - short, dry, fine hair.

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying the hot weather and the World Cup matches.

I was asked to come up with a Hair Growth Routine/Regime{n} for short, dry, fine Afro-Caribbean hair. The lovely lady doesn't like heavy or greasy products and her hair can get weighed down easily so I kept all this in mind when choosing the products, health issues also determined the easy routine.
I thought it would be nice to add it here as it may be helpful for others and also so for a record.

Wash Day - Every 2 weeks. 

Wash - Sulphate free shampoo - Shea Moisture Manuka Honey -  Wet hair and apply shampoo to scalp, massage with pads of fingers (not nails). Smooth through to ends and rinse. Add shampoo to hair, massage and smooth through and rinse.

Deep Condition - In a bowl, Mix Aunt Jackie Deep conditioner and teaspoon of Kokolicious Kays Oil blend (add Ogx Coconut Water conditioner if you want a thicker consistency or for extraness 😝)
Section hair into 4 and clip out the way, working one section at a time. 
Apply condish mix, smoothing through hair. Cover with shower cap/bag or cling film. ( a scarf can be tied on top as it keeps in heat and also as protection - or if you need to leave the house lol) Leave on hair for at least 30mins (the longer the better) 
Remove cover and detangle hair using fingers or wide tooth comb. 
Rinse hair well.

**If you are short of time (or patience) you can just use the Aunt Jackie as is.

Last cool rinse Add some Apple Cider Vinegar or Lime Juice to cool water or just rinse with cool water.

Wrap hair with t-shirt.

Wash Day- Every 6 Weeks.
Pre-poo overnight - Or at least 30mins before washing. Section hair into 4 sections using clips. working on a section at a time, massage Kokolicious Hairlicious Growth oil into scalp, Smooth generous amount of Kays Oil Blend through hair. (if hair is dry use Ogx condish, seal with oil blend if extremely dry or if hair feels like it needs an extra boost) Cover hair overnight.

You may like to warm the oil up before applying for a hot oil treatment.

Clarifying Wash - ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo - follow shampoo routine as above
Tea/coffee Rinse - Stew tea and pour into spray bottle or cup. Spritz tea onto hair or pour over with cup. Leave for 5-10 mins.
Deep Condition - Mix Shea Moisture Superfruit Masque and teaspoon of Hairlicious or Kay's Oil Blend in a bowl (add some Aunt Jackie deep condish if too thick or for a nice mix) - follow deep condish routine as above.

**If you are short of time (or patience) you can just use the Aunt Jackie as is.

Last cool rinse - as above
Wrap hair with t-shirt
Do Nightly Routine.

NB, If you feel like your hair needs added moisture between washdays or needs freshening up, use the OGX conditioner to co wash.


Seperate hair with fingers into four sections. Using clips to hold hair in place.
working with a section at a time.
Oil scalp Hairlicious growth oil and massage (not needed nightly if you feel your hair doesn't need oiling nightly but at least 2/3 times a week for hair growth boost)
Leave In - spritz Kokolicious and Refresh Hydrate spray onto hair, smooth gently through hair.
Moisturise - put a small amount of Giovanni Direct Leave In into the palm of your hand, rub gently to lightly warm, apply to hair and smooth through. 
Seal - Put a small amount of Kay's Oil Blend into palm, rub hands together gently, rub through hair concentrating on ends. 
Use fingers or tangle teaser to detangle and smooth hair.
Band, Thread, plait or twist each section. 

Edges and Nape - Massage Hairlicious into edges and nape. Use pad of fingers and massage upwards.

Cover with satin/silk scarf and satin bonnet if sleek edges are needed or just a satin bonnet otherwise.

After a couple weeks your hair will start to retain moisture and you may notice you don't need to moisturise every night. Follow your hair's lead and do so every other night or even every couple of nights. You may find that you just need to use hydrating spray and a little oil.
Try to massage your edges and nape nightly at least for now to get them strong, thick and growing.


Style hair as desired. Be careful not to over manipulate your hair. Moisturise if needed.

If your hair feels dry during the day, use the refreshing spray.


*Using T-shirts after washing instead of Towels can help combat frizz, snagging and also maintain moisture.
*Never use nails when washing or massaging the scalp.
*Use a satin or silk bonnet or scarf to keep your hair in place and a satin pillowcase. Cotton can dry your hair out and cause snagging.
*Use wide tooth combs only. No small tooth combs (unless for parting) as they pull hair out.
*Use hair bands and ponytail holders that don't have metal parts as hair can get caught and pulled out.
*Ensure your hair is always moisturised, dry things break or die.
*Drink your water! Hydration is key.
*Get nutrients through diet and supplement if needed.
*Do what works for you.
*Be gentle!!
*Be patient!!
*Have fun.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Budget Summer Accessory Haul - Primark, Peacocks, Poundland.

Hiya!! I have finally got myself together and remembered that I should actually blog 😫.

I posted a haul video with some accessories for the summer.
Of course the bits were budget friendly 😁.