Saturday, 31 October 2015

Wash Day - All Natural Products

My goodness!! I dropped of big time!!
I've had some personal stuff to deal with as well as the usual wife and mummy duties which have kept me very.... Let's just say busy.

I'm back with a wash day post that is a little different from my usual in that everything I used was natural.

I have wanted to try an all natural wash day for a while but it hasn't happened for one reason or another. I'd love to say I planned to do it this time but it actually happened by accident.

I didn't have time to pre-poo overnight so decided to do a hot oil treatment in the morning (another planned to do treatment lol) then with all the waiting and other frustrations I had to stagger the wash day process out, while moaning internally I thought "why not do an all natural wash day?" So... I did.

Right less chatter more details:

All Natural Wash Day!;

Hot Oil Treatment:
Coconut oil, last bit of Hairlicious and some new infused oil I'm trying.
Infused Oil

After Hot Oil Treatment

I put some hot water in a bowl, placed my jar of Coconut Oil and my applicator bottle with the other oils inside it and left them to warm up.
Meanwhile I sectioned my hair in four and finger detangled.
When the oils were very warm but not hot, I poured the CO into the app bottle and applied it to each section, massaged my scalp and twisting my hair.
I put on a shower cap and a scarf and pottered around while the oil did its thing.

The results were fantastic!! I will try to incorporate hot oil treatments into my wash days more often especially during the cold months to come.

Cleansing Paste:
Shikakai Powder, Rose Water and Orange Blossom.

Top left: Shikakai Paste. Top right: Tea Rinse. Bottom: hair after tea rinse.

I placed a couple tablespoons of the powder into a bowl and added the waters, I didn't do exact measures. I just carried on adding the waters until the consistency was to my liking.

I used the same sections and applied the paste to my scalp an hair. I allowed the paste to sit on my hair for a little bit and then using the balls of my fingers, I worked it into my scalp, then let the shower water run through my hair while I used my hands to cleanse,

It was an odd sensation but my scalp felt really clean. My hair felt very clean but not hard or stripped.

Tea Rinse:
Fever/Lemon Grass, Hibiscus, Star anise and Green tea.

Although tea rinses feature in my "normal" wash days I added dried hibiscus flowers to add to the natural theme. The mix smelt divine!
I allowed the rinse to stew for a few hours before I needed it, I took the bags and flowers out of the jar and added a little hot water so the tea was warm - this will ensure the hair cuticles remain open and the tea rinse can get to do it's job and the conditioner will be effective, rather than so cold that the cuticles start to close - and poured the tea over my hair gently rubbing my hair and scalp while it ran through. I gently removed the excess with my hands and then put a shower cap on my hair to keep it warm and moist and allow the rinse to penetrate, put a towel around my neck to catch the stray "dribbles"

Deep Conditioner Mix:
Amla Powder, Coconut Cream, Manuka Honey, Rose Water, Rosemary EO, Rose EO and Vitamin E Oil.

Left: Deep conditioner items. Right: Hair after conditioning treatment.

I mixed the ingredients in my bowl and mixed them together ugh! grain city!! I realised that I should have put the powder first and added the oils to it and a little of the rose water or honey and make a paste first. That way the mixture would be smooth. I normally do that when I use powders but I forgot this time and I paid for it. The mixture was grainy and I had problems rinsing it at the end.

I smoothed the mixture from root to tip working in the four sections. I twisted them and coiled the ends round. I covered my head with a shower cap and scarf and got on with some chores.

When it was time to rinse my hair felt so soft. I couldn't stop touching it as I mentioned the grains were hard to rinse out and I actually had to get back in the shower to rinse again. I honestly cannot remember if I did and ACV rinse.... I think I did so thought I'd mention it just in case *blush* If I did it would have been a little ACV in cool water poured over my hair while rubbing gently. If not then I did a final rinse with cool water.

Leave Ins:
Whipped Butter, Flaxseed Gel and Infused Oil 

Whipped Butter.

 My hair felt amazing. It was soft, smooth, shiny and my curls looked more defined than I can remember.

I applied the infused oil to my hair and working in sections, applied the whipped butter and used a little flaxseed gel, styled my hair in medium plaits/braids, putting more butter when I got to the ends. When the plaits were finished I banded them into two pigtails, oiled my hairline/edges and put a little flaxseed gel ontop, tied one of my thin and long silk scarves and but my bonnet on top. 

The Take Down: 

The Take Down. (please excuse my sleepy eye)

I decided to take my hair down in the car on the way to church, unfortunately it was slightly damp still and as I was in the car I didn't have my dryer with me so I just had to make do and deal with a little frizz. My hair was soft, fluffy and moisturised. It was also so shiny!! I realise I have said "my hair was Shiny" too many times to count but I was actually shocked that it looked like that. Wearing my hair natural means that the sleek and shiny look I had in my relaxed days has long gone. my hair can often look quite dull. I have to use oils or serums to give it a glossy look but this wash day has shown me a different side!

My braid out wasn't super defined - I think that's because my hair was damp when I took it down - but I liked the fluffy look. I had a few compliments which is always nice.

I really enjoyed my "All Natural" Wash Day and would love to do it again. I will have to see how my hair holds up during the week to get more of an idea.

Have you used natural products and/or treatments during your wash day? Got any hair recipes to share? I'd love to know.

Its been ages but I am linking up with the wash day experience. I can't wait to have a browse and nosey lol.

The Wash Day Experience