Wednesday, 9 October 2013

re post: Starting my HHJ

Thought I'd add snip from my old blog about me starting a HHJ here.

It has been a hard year or two, my last pregnancy was very rough. it started with hyperamisis and ended with pre-eclampsia...... well not to be too dramatic (me?? lol) I'll move on. We were blessed with another baby boy. That is what matters at the end of the day. All the illness, stress, fear... post natal depression.. AGAIN... it all was worth it when I look at my lovely boy, who was in distress at times invitro. When I got very ill and was in hospital it was sooo scary to hear his geart beat too fast or moving oddly. I just have to be thankfull that he and I made it.

I have been trying to get myself better and that has included leaving work for the time being.

One of the many changes I have made is to my hair..... I once had lovely hair but all my health issues and sad moods left it and my body for that matter in very bad shape. I am so overweight it hurts.

My hair started to fall out and I tried to stop it. I added a hair weave at Christmas and it really helped, so I did another one and it was fab, "yesssss" I thought, so I added another one, I also straightened the front to blend all week, when I took it out larrkksss my hair had broken off, all the front was short and the back too.

I was quite upset..... ok I'll admit my dramatic self was devestated lol.

I felt I needed to add extenstions now to add length and thickness, my own hair couldnt even go into my signature ponytails and buns. I decided I'd try clip ins as I didnt want to try sew in weave as it would hurt my hair too much.
I knew what I wanted to do and decided to have a little look on youtube OMYGOSH! I had an eyeopening.... not only did I find tips, tuts and advice but I came across people embarking on or in the middle of what they called a hair journey. WOW!! I made my clip ins and wore them, but couldnt help watching hair journey vids. I researched into healthy hair and came across blogs too. I am in awe of the great bloggers and youtubers who have obtained long but also healthy hair. I haven't stopped browsing and decided to start looking after my hair and join them on a hair journey. My beautiful cuzz is also on a hair journey which was so weird as we hadny mentioned it to each other and we have always done thinhgs together which just makes this even nicer.

Are you bored yet? *covers face*

I started to care for my hair properly in august and have done weekly wash days with intensive treatments and deep conditioning. I will post more about that in the next couple days. I add moisture and seal every night which is now starting to feel like its not so new and more of a good habits