Thursday, 23 June 2016

Review: Drive Car Bin

 Hiya!! Today I have a different type of review... not a hair product in sight lol.

I am reviewing a car bin of all things. Now before you give me a side eye hear me out... With so many messy lovely boys, our 7 seater car always has rubbish of some form milling around the floor, pushed between or under the seats or even just plain old left on the seats (arggghh) It drives me crazy and is especially embarrassing when we give someone a lift. (Just the other day I had to clear away some banana skins and scoop them into the space in the middle of the driver and front passenger seat)

We often use a plastic bag if there's one handy but more times than none there isn't so I have to tyr and bundle said rubbish up until we get to a bin on the roadside or home.

The youngest hates to hold any rubbish so keeps mithering me until I take it from him and I end up being a human trash can.

If we are not going far, it's not too bad or if there's just a packet to hold, but if we have a longer car trip it gets more than annoying.

So when I had the opportunity to review The Drive Car Bin I jumped at the chance and - I know it's a little sad - couldn't wait for it to arrive, Hubby was teasing me but when it arrived he was impressed and wife points were earned.

What They Say:

DRIVE Car Bin - Best Auto Trash Bag for Rubbish, FREE Waste Basket Liners - Hanging Recycle Garbage Can is Universal, Waterproof Organizer Makes a Great Drink Cooler & Road Trip Gift

We think you're going to absolutely love this new Patent Pending Car Rubbish Bin from DRIVE™Auto Products.  Why? Because we've done all the research on what buyers like or don't like about their automotive bins...

The idea of having a versatile container to help keep your vehicle clean and organized is smart.  Many who now have one are saying things like "Finally a place for all the junk in my car or boat."

...FEATURES: Patented Side Clasps to Secure Liners, a Pinning Feature, Hand Sewn Edges & Seams, Less Ripping, Stays Open, or Velcro Closed, Handy Storage Holder for Kids Toys, Color Matches Tan Grey Black Leather or Cloth, All Performance Parts Accessories for Cars, Truck, Boats, SUV, Van, or RV!

...BONUS: 20 Pack Trash Liners - We heard the user comments, "to keep it clean & odor free we buy disposable bags for inside".  So we included 'em!

What I Think:

The Drive Car Bin is a great size and fits nicely in the middle of the two front seats as well as in the back.The plastic bags (20 are given free) are the perfect fit and if needs be a standard grocery bag will fit.
Hanging strap over head rest.
I love the strap as I can place the bag over the seat head and hang it so that the boys can fill it when they need to, they actually enjoy putting their rubbish away. No more "here mum".
The Bin is quite stylish and well designed. The clips/hooks on either side keep the bag in place and the Velcro fastening at the top is a fab touch. The mesh compartments at the side are nifty for additional storage.

One man's trash..... ;)

The Bin is waterproof and keeps spillages contained - yes this was put to the test lol. And can be wiped clean easily.

Used as cooler/organiser prior to a bin.

As the information states it can be used as a cooler and organiser I tried it out and it kept my iced tea cold and held some snacks for the boys, wipes and other items I like to take on a car journey.
After the snacks were finished, I put the plastic bag in the bin and filled it with the empty wrappers and stray rubbish.

I'm very pleased I saw this as to be honest I didn't even know something like it existed. I was going to try a hack I discovered of using a plastic cereal container but this is far better.

Hubby and the boys like it as much (if not more) as I do and the car is much tidier.

The description mentions that the Drive Bin would make a "great road trip gift" I can see that, I also think it would make a good base for a  "Hamper Gift" I like to make up for birthdays and Christmas. It's often hard to make them for men but I can see this working well as a car hamper filled with car bits like anti freeze, window squeegee, car freshener, driving gloves etc or as they suggest a road trip themed one filled with drinks, snacks, cd (or maybe a mp3 player or satnav if used as main present) fan, phone holder etc.

The  Drive Bin is £18.99 but is on sale £10.67and can be found Here on Amazon UK

**Please Note**
Although I received this product free to review, my opinion, as always is genuine and unbiased


Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hello There......

....... Oh dear!! I have more than dropped off!! I cannot even start to formulate a bunch of excuses. It has been a very hectic month or so, I've been going through a few issues and haven't had the time or if I'm truthful the inclination to blog.
I did want to.... my mind was full of posts that I wanted to type but that's as far as it got.
I am going to start my lists again and get back doing what I love.
I'll be back in a couple of days..... better than before.... hopefully.... lol no definitely.

"see you soon" xxx