Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Fancy You Here!!

Hellooo!!! and Happy New Year.... Yes I know its now 9 days into 2018 but I want to wish you all a Happy New Year none the less.

It has been a whirlwind few months but I am through to the other side stronger, wiser and with even more determination to get better.

I have soooo many goals for 2018, I want to improve my life in all areas - physical, emotional, spiritual, mental..... creatively.... and many more. I also want to focus on my business and push that forward.

Life can sometimes seem so hard, things can get on top of me and I have very little pleasure in doing the things that once gave me so much joy and/or happiness but I am going to do them anyhow.

I hope to start crafting again soon. I cannot even put into words why I don't craft any more but I really want to get into it again. I may look at some challenge groups/blogs and get into things that way. If you have any recommendations please let me know. Papercrafts or Sewing would be great.

Well.... I'll sign off now as the school run beckons but will do a few catch up posts over the next few days.

Speak soon xxx

Friday, 13 October 2017

Eco Style Coconut v Black Castor and Flaxseed.

I finally managed to get this video up!!

It's been such a nightmare as I'm still having problems with storage and lap top issues. I tried uploading to YouTube in parts with the idea of using the video editor.... they only went and removed the video editor didn't they! Gahhhh so I had to download my videos and put them together with movie maker which took 4 hours to open them in the first place!! Gahhhhhh I kid you not, I actually recorded the video in May or June!!

Rant aside I was so excited when I saw the two gels as I had seen them around online on Blogs and Videos from people in the US and thought it would be ages until we got it here.

I also talked about my updated Wash n Go technique.

I chatted on so much I had to split the video into two parts:

Part One - First Impressions and Demo:

Part Two - Results and Thoughts:

Thanks for watching xxx

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Chit Chat - Cloudy with a Tag

Hiya!! I don't really have a direction, theme or title for this Blog Post. I just wanted to blog today....

Maybe I'll get a title during the post.

I am feeling a little blah today... I'm not sure if it's the weather but lately I am just sooo tired. I feel blah most days.

Today we had so many appointments and I still have a class to go to later, so I shouldn't really feel lethargic but I do.

I guess this is part and parcel to living under a black cloud. I have my weekly appt tomorrow but I'm not really looking forward to it as I haven't done much of my list, I suppose I did do some organising and decluttering but no way near enough to report about.

I really would like to climb under my duvet and stay there until the weekend. I was feeling ok yesterday and Tuesday too for that matter - maybe I should have blogged then hey πŸ˜’   - But today.... ugh. Well today is not a duvet day, it is a busy day and I most really get my self into gear and shake this blahness (is that a word?) off.

Ok slight convo change....  This blog post is sooooo sombre let me go look for a tag to do to lighten up the mood.....

Right!! I found a Fall Tag, I'm leaving out the halloween questions.

Favourite Fall lip product? 

I will put a few faves for different types I think;
Lip Balm - Pumpkin Spice (Maybeline Baby Lips )
Lip Stick - Coffee Shimmer {264} (Rimmel London Lasting Finish)
Liquid Lip Stick - Glory {matte} (Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Kit)

Favourite Fall Nail Polish? 

Hmmmm I don't have a particular nail varnish fave but I do like to try darker colours in the Autumn/ Fall.

Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink? 

Pumpkin Spice Latte!! All day long lol. Saying that, I haven't had a PSL for a couple years now. I'm wondering what it will taste like with almond milk. Maybe Ill give it a try.

Favourite Fall Candle? 

arggghh how can I choose?? I am actually slightly addicted to candles. My fave are Yankee Candles and I cant help buying the little samplers when I see them.
I love watching the Bath and Body Works haul videos and am secretly - well not so secret now I've said it online) jealous as they look and sound wonderful.
Ok pushed to choose, I'll cut it down to 2 Yankee Candles:
Honey Glow
Candy Corn

Favourite Fall Scarf or accessory?

I have so many scarves to choose from but I love darker colours in the Autumn/Fall.

Favourite Fall YouTube Videos to watch?

I love to watch Fall decor hauls, Fall room decor "tours" and Bath and Body Works Fall hauls.


Sooooo I think we turned it around in the end. I almost deleted the first part of the post and was so tempted to just post the tag but hey, this is real life and all that. Hopefully my next post will be better. 'See' you soon xxx

Monday, 9 October 2017

Meal Planning - last weeks shop and meals.

Hiya!! Last week went by in a whirl of appointments, pity parties and shopping trips.
At the beginning of the week, I had the idea to start meal planning again.
I often feel overwhelmed by the time evening comes and when it's a really off day I find it hard to get on with day-to-day stuff. Thinking about what to cook often falls into that category. Having meal ideas already lined up helps so much.
It also helps to quash the million "whats for dinner " questions if I actually write them up on our menu board lol.

I went to pick up a few bits on Monday and the store was offering free delivery with an over £20 spend. I just had to shop and they would pack and deliver, whooooop whoooooppp 😊
That was great for my back/hands as I normally have to lug the groceries home I end up having to leave heavier items behind and often miss out on special offers etc.
Sooooo I did a bigger shop and concentrated on only buying dinner items. I found that it really helped my anxiety and stress levels and also kept me on budget as I wasn't just picking up items willy nilly.

I was meaning to come home, show the dinner items and then plan out the meals for the week, but.... life happened and each day my intention to post went out the window and then it was Saturday... so yeah...

I decided that I would still post last weeks shop and meals as it can be a reminder for future meals of what worked really well, which meals went down a treat and for shopping inspiration etc.

Hopefully it will at least be interesting for you too lol. I will be browsing other blogs to get meal planning inspiration, motivation and tips.

Ok, enough chatter and onto the actual post.😌

Chicken thighs x2
Beef Cubes x2
Chicken Wings
Fajita Kit - bbq x2
Chicken Cubes
Tuna Pack (4 cans)

Mixed Vegetables
Shredded Lettuce x2
Tomatoes (6pk)

Red Leicester Cheese block

Potato Wedges
Sweet Potato Wedges

Pickled Onion

Meals; - my meals are in ()


Chicken Fajitas with Wedges {using chicken chunks}
(Mixed veg wrap and sweet potato wedges)
 - well received, the chicken flavour was well liked

Chicken Wings and Pasta Cheese
(veggie pasta stew - soup thickened too much lol)
 - well received


Stewed Beef with Rice
( Sweet Potato, Spinach and mixed veg with rice - chopped the wedges)
 - fave meal of the week for family. Beef was a hit. Seconds requested also request for next week.

Peri/Thai Chicken with Mashed Potatoes.
(Chick Pea, Spinach and veg pilaf)

Tuna Mayo with Rice

Store Bought Southern chicken and Pizza
(Chick Pea, Spinach and veg pilaf)


I'll be doing a meal planning post for this week tomorrow as I'm still deciding.

Please let me know if you have a meal planning blog or know of any.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Wash Day after Protective Styling.

Hiya!! as usual, I forgot to post that I added a video up.

This is (another) wash day video. I thought it would be fun to record one after a semi longterm protective style.
I was sent some activated charcoal shampoo and conditioner and it came at the right time as I wanted to get my hair and scalp squeaky clean after my ps.

I'd love to hear what you do to treat your hair after a protectve style.

Thanks for watching xxx

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Summer Holiday Recovery and little update.

Hiiiii!!!! OH MY GOSH!! I have just started to recover from the mayhem that is Summer Holidays.

Now let it be known right from the start that I do actually love my kiddies... I love them to bits... I do.
However... Summer Holidays can put all that love to the test.
I am one of those parents who teachers look at in a mixture of surprise, approval and disbelief when I utter the words "I cant wait for the holidays" Other parents give me the side eye until they realise I actually mean it... and I do.
I enjoy having my boys home, I enjoy having days without the rush and hurry of school mornings. I still end up waking up early but I have a more leisurely start to the day (and can even have a rest in bed if the kiddies are still asleep).

With all that being said, Summer Holidays can be hectic and stressful at times and the one that just went.... crazy. The UK weather often meant that my kiddies were "stuck" inside with pent up energy. I like to have activities at hand to keep them occupied but it was tricky at times because they really just wanted to be outside.

Grocery shopping and cooking was a madness also. Bread, milk and cereal seemed to have grown wings and flew off... I couldn't keep them in the house if I tried. I did have fun experimenting with different recipes and healthy snack ideas.

Along with all the fun, I had many opportunities to exercise my referee skills.... siblings can argue over the smallest things and hot tempers can end in fisticuffs..... did I actually just say "fisticuffs"?!

This year we didn't go away over the Summer as we are planning to go away later on so there wasn't even a vacation to break up the time so it was week after week of solid.... lets go with fun for positivity sake lol.

As the Holidays came towards the end, we went into "back to school" mode and got caught up in uniform and supplies mayhem which was followed by actual school preparations and then school starting back and slightly different routines that had to be put into place.

Added to a huge change for us as a family (hopefully I'll blog about this at a later date - and no there isn't a new addition to the family lol) we definitely were in a state of upheaval but we are just about coming to a steady routine now.

It seems that it really is the season for transitions and changes.

Life Update.

I used the summer to get a grip on all the things I need to change and improve in my life and am continuing with the start in changes. I will blog more in time and document my changes. The most apparent one is my extra weight loss. I had been trying over the summer to kick my weight loss up a notch and although I deffo could have done better, I made better choices and my clothes are showing the changes in my body. My face seems smaller to me and I did a double take a couple of days ago when I caught my reflection in a store window lololololol my legs look a little smaller, I was wondering who was walking so close to me but realised it was in fact me !!! wowwww!! I had a ditzy moment for sure but it really shocked me as I don't notice day to day. That morning I was wondering why my cardigan kept hanging weirdly and the sleeves were waaayy long, my trousers kept trailing under my shoe... when I saw my reflection it dawned on me that the clothes didn't mysteriously stretch... my body is starting to shrink. Haaaaaaaa its actually making me laugh as I type as it sounds so silly but yea.... that actually happened.

I also notice people that I haven't seen for a while do a double take when they see me.... those who don;t know me very well go to walk past me or look at me with a "where do I know you from look" when I say hi and then they seem to recognise me. A few actually mention they didn't recognise me.
Those who do know me explain that it's because of the weight I have lost.
I often think they're just being polite but that reflection episode has made me start to take their comments for truth.

A family wedding was another instance where so many people were shocked..... I don't even think I have lost that much though.... hmmmmm. The mind is a strange thing sometimes. Ill just keep going and my mind will eventually catch up with my body.

I am making active changes in my emotional/mental health as well as my physical health and have been referred by my GP to get some help. It feels both weird and nice that I am finally taking the steps towards a healthier mind.

SOoooo what a mega post that turned out to be!! If you read up to here thanks so much and if you skimmed down to the end I don;t really blame you lol.

Thanks as ever for reading my little blog. It's really warming to see the stats. I know I don't get many comments - please don't be shy I love a good chat... evidently😁 - but I do appreciate all of you who take the time to visit and read. Have a great day xxx

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Trying out smoothies - Getting over the texture

Hiya!! I hope you are having a great week so far, my week didn't get off to the best start but I'm determined to change the way I react to "struggles" I may not be able to control things that happen or the way people behave or what they say.... but I can control the way I react... the way I internalise things and my actions.

With all that being said, I am pushing through and getting on with things, focusing on my goals and doing better rather than focusing on the grrrr things.

For the longest of time people have been recommending smoothies to me as a way to help get healthier and even lose weight, I tried it out a couple years ago and couldn't get past the textures (bleughhh) all the bits and... (bleughhh) even the thought is making me squirm.
I couldn't bring myself to make myself anymore. I made some for the boys and hubby and they went down really well but not for me, no way.
I like some of the ready made smoothies in the shops, the Naked blue or green ones are delish but they are quite expensive and as I continued to drop certain food items and limit the intake of others they became too sweet for me anyway.

My mummy received a Nutri Ninja (one of the top models) for Christmas from her hubby (Hi both of you 😘 ) and since then has been making smoothies everyday, this from someone who didn't really eat fruits and such like that. I was tempted to try one but the thought of the bits just put me off..... I was at her home last month and she made convinced me to taste one of hers and it wasn't bad at all, it was quite smooth... still too much texture for me but promising.

Forward to last week, I found a new youtube channel with a Jamaican chef and he made 3 smoothies in his ninja.... they looked soooo good and I made up my mind to give smoothies a try as part of my weight loss refresh/ boost.

I purchased some fruit and veggies and built up the courage (it took over a week...) I picked up some fresh strawberries on Monday and yesterday was the day.

I chose Pineapple, Banana, Strawberry and Spinach, placed them in my Ninja cup, added a little Honey,  Vanilla Extract, Ice and some Coconut Dream that hubby bought me to try (thanks babe 😘)

I let the Ninja do its thing and then blended again.... and again..... and once more lol, I wanted to get it as smooth as possible.

When it was to my liking I stopped blending, added some more ice and put the lid onto the cup (I realised it was the mixing cup not the serving one but why dirty another cup lol) and popped in one of my plastic straws.

The smoothie was actually smooth!! whoooppp whoopppp!! I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't completely smooth and I had to force the bleurgh reaction away but it was really nice. I may blend a little extra next time, I contemplated sieving the smoothie but I wanted all the goodness.
I may have put in a little too much spinach as the taste of it was very strong but as I had a lot of sweet fruits I wanted to balance it out a little.

The Coconut Dream gave it a creamy taste and also added to the flavour. I am glad I chose that instead of almond milk which I was going to use at first. All in all it was a positive experience lol.

I drank it during the day and that in itself stopped me from reaching for snacks and I was quite full all afternoon until evening.
I will definitely be having smoothies more often and incorporating them into my Healthier Lifestyle goals.

Please let me know if you have any smoothie recipes for me to try.