Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Baileys Almande Vegan/Dairy Free is here!!

Hi everyone!!
Baileys Almande has arived in the UK.
I saw an advert for it last year and have been looking out for it ever since.
I finally managed to get my hands on a bottle during a quick run to Whole Foods and thought I'd do a taste test and mini haul video.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Crazy Weather and Decluttering!!

Hi everyone!! What a crazy couple of months!!

Its been hectic here and  the weather has definitely been hectic too.

We've had snow, sleet, snow, hail, snow, rain and did I mention SNOW!! lol. The kiddies loved the snow, me not so much.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate snow... I just hate the feeling of falling in the snow.  My old ankle injuries make it quite difficult to walk in the snow and with snow comes ice which is even worse. I literally walk at a pace slower than a tortoise, I can get quite anxious and had a semi panic attack/melt down on the school pick up run.
I was dreading the next school run but remembered some WinterTrax I bought a few years back.
I had been decluttering before Christmas and came across them so tried to retrace my footsteps ('scuse the pun😝) I found them, put them on my boots and wow!! what a difference they made. I actually got to the school in the same amount of time as usual (the melt down day, it took me 15 minutes extra!). I could walk art regular pace, my ankles didn't hurt and my feet didn't slip once. The only problem is that they're not for indoors so when I went into the shop they were a little slippery.


The boys couldn't believe the snow settled and was falling so heavily, they absolutely loved it and at last I wasn't a shaking wreck and could enjoy it with them.... apart from being freezing cold lol.

On the subject of decluttering, I have started to declutter again. Hoorahhhh!!! Although I am still feeling the black cloud hovering, I am trying to push through and work on getting our house nice.
I started in the kitchen last week and tackled two surfaces on Saturday, the dreaded container and cup cupboard on Sunday and another surface and corner on Wednesday.

It has made such a difference to the room!! it looks so much brighter and feels way lighter. I feel so happy with the accomplishment and am motivated to keep going, even if its a little at a time.

Even though the before pictures make me cringe, I can be pleased with how the after pictures look enough to keep my guilt at bay.

I have started to watch and read more cleaning/organising videos and blogs so if you have any channel or blog recommendations please let me know.

Have a great day, "see" you soon xxx

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Dairy and Meat Free Whole Foods Haul


Another quick video post 😳 I’ll do a “real” post very soon 🙈

I did a small shop to pick up some Dairy and Meat Free goodies from While Foods and also a little taste test.

Dairy Free can be hard at tones as milk is in soooo many items, even those that you wouldn’t even expect them to be in.

I’ll be doing more dairy and meat free videos as I do get quite a few questions about this, hopefully I can share recipes and tips.

Thanks for watching xxx

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Affordable Makeup brushes

Hiya!!! I posted another Budget Buys video. This time showing affordable Makeup Brushes.

Brushes can be pricey so I share some that can be purchased from Amazon, EBay and Aliexpress as well as other places that sell goods for bargain prices.

I was privileged to receive many to try and I also purchased a few.

I can’t wait to play with the brushes as they look and feel lovely.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Bean Boozled!! Why??

I recorded a very yucky video with two of my eually yucky boys lol. They have been bugging me to do the Beanboozled challenge with them so I bought a couple packs.... who on earth would do this and why!! It was so much fun to do it with them and we will defo be recording more together so if you have any ideas for us or would like us to do any videos in particular, please let me know.

Enjoy 🤢 🤣

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Goals and life overhaul.

Hi Everyone, I hope you are having a great week so far.

I am always setting goals, challenges and tasks for myself. I have mentioned before I like to set challenges to keep me motivated to reach goals.

Many of my goals are long term and I often get disheartened or demotivated and I find making smaller goals work well in keeping me focused.

I started a "boot camp" of sorts at the start of the 2016 summer holidays. I upped my food management and activity levels and did an overhaul in many areas of my life that I needed changes in - My Weight and Physical health, Emotional and Mental health, Spiritual Wellbeing, Relationships (God, Hubby, Kids, Family and Friends), Marriage, Parenting, Ministry, Business and others - a real life overhaul.

I did not know how much of a change that would make but wow!!

By the end of October, my life was almost unrecognisable. We left our church, I lost another chunk of weight and dropped a couple dress sizes, Hubby and I had a sparkle... I started Therapy and made so many changes with my emotional, mental and behavioural wellbeing, my mindset had a huge shift and I cannot actually put into words how different I actually feel inside.

I have to admit that will all those changes came some negative backlash. We faced a difficult time as a family and I personally went through sheer..... well I was gonna say hell but it sounds dramatic.... let's just say sheer sunken blackness.... still dramatic but you get my drift.

My character was put to the test, slander and lies were commonplace but I thank God we came through stronger as individuals and as a family,

Looking forward I am as determined to make changes as I was before the summer. I love the person I am becoming.... that takes much for me to say as I have been living in the shadow of my better self for so long, I know who I want to be but She always seems to be far beyond my reach, now I can see her getting closer every day.

I have started another set of Therapy sessions which are more intense and look more at thought processes and "unpacking" the root causes of behaviours, anxieties and moods. It is quite hard too be completely honest and part of me wants to fight it and stay in my clouded state but I have to push through if change is to truly happen.

My weight continues to be a major goal and I am so glad that the changes I have made to not only my food intake but also my eating patterns continue and the pounds are going. 

I didn't achieve my business goals but it's a new year and I'm rearing to go.

I will post more about specific goals and areas of my life in later posts to keep me on track and to share my journey.

Id love to hear what goals and changes you have for the upcoming year and beyond. Let's motivate each other xxx

Monday, 22 January 2018

Video Catch Up!

Hiiiii!! I realised I haven't added the videos I have uploaded in the past month or so. I'll add them here and act like I did it ages ago lol.

 Tourists In Paris.
Hubby and I got a day break to spend kidfree in Paris to celebrate our Anniversary.

 Poundland Christmas Decor Haul.
I may have got carried away with Christmas decor shopping in Poundland!! I love decorating for Christmas😊.

 Low Self Esteem,
I recorded a "Talk it up" video discussing Low Self Esteem, Worth and Confidence. Please let me know if you have any topics/issues for future real talk videos.