Thursday, 17 March 2022

Late Weekly Dinner Plan!



Hiiii!!! What a week!! I've been trying to reclaim my life and have applied for a course!! Whoooopppp!! I have had interviews and assessments and CV writing etc and am way late posting the weeks plans for dinner.

I didn't place the online order on time so all the delivery slots were full until late this evening, luckily I had some bits carried over from previous weeks that I could use but I wanted to add the days already gone for a record of what I cooked and also to plan the rest of the weeks meals.

Monday - Chicken Alfredo (with fusilli pasta)

Tuesday - Homemade Chicken Pie with Oven Chips and Mixed Veg

Wednesday - Thai Green Curry Prawns with Rice. (first time making TGC!!)

Thursday - Szechuan Chicken with Noodles and Mini Spring Rolls

Friday - Turkish Bread Pizza

Saturday - Korean Chicken Wings (3 types) and Macaroni Cheese. (I'll have macaroni and veg)

Sunday - Brown Stew Chicken with Rice And Peas

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Monday, 7 March 2022

Remeber me?? and This week's Family Dinner Plan.



Ahemmm remember me?? well I can just about remember me!! I have been lost for a while but I'm trying to get my life back!! ((Dramatic much??)) 

I am making an effort to get back to me.... well maybe not back to me... there's lots of tings that I would rather not get back to but, I want to maybe become the me that I want to be.... so more get to me than back to me but the sentiment still stands lol!!

I am trying to be more organised, to find joy in things... both things I used to find joy in and also new things. I used to love blogging... both posting and reading other blogs.

I used to love posting videos and crafting and all kinds of things that I no longer do.... I am in a place I don't like.... I have been ill - both physically and emotionally for soooo long, I have low energy... low motivation and just lowness ((Is that a word??))


Soooooo with all that doom and gloom aside, I am making a start with the blogging lol... so erm... hi!!


I have been doing dinner plans at home and it really helps me be motivated, inspired and also on the days when life is a struggle, I have dinner planned out and ingredients already in .... it really does help.

i introduced themed weeks which


The last week has been a struggle even to get the motivation to cook and it's been a chore...(the cooking part isn't bad.. it's the getting to the kitchen to start) soooo..... I thought posting the meal plans would help keep me motivated in both posting and cooking!!

As I am plant based I really just plan food I'm cooking for the family. I will have the carb/starch and add veggies or salad to it.

This weeks Dinners:

Monday - Meatball Pasta Bake

Tuesday - Tuna and Rice (will decide if I'll do cold (tuna mayo) or hot (tomato tuna)

Wednesday - Chicken Curry, Naan Bread and samosas

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes with Chilli and cheese

Friday - Paella

Sayurday - Korean Style Chicken Wings and chips

Sunday - Roasted Salmon and new Potatoes with Green beans.

I used this list to place my online grocery shop so that was helpful too (😊)

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Saturday, 23 January 2021

 Score! Hubby heard me cleaning downstairs and did the bathroom whooooppp, he must have felt sorry for me haaaaaa.

All I had to do was go over it and do a few things he missed but sooooo chuffed with hub 🥰✨💖

Song: Joy - Mary Mary 

All done.

With the time I saved, I’m gonna chop and prepare a bag of onions my mummy bought me. I don’t want them to waste so I’ll freeze some, cook some and maybe make onion relish.

Thanks for keeping me company. 💖✨👌🏽

 Yaaayyyyy downstairs all done 💃🏽💪🏽✨

It looks lovely if I may say so myself. Up to the bathroom now.

Song - great is your love - walls

 Nearly finished now! Forgot to do the microwave so will do that now

Song do it again - travis greene ele feat kierra 

     Great is your love - walls

 Whhhoooaaahhh that was a long one lol, I wiped the sides and counter and did the litter tray too whoooppp

Now onto the mopping 👌🏽✨

He Reigns/ Awesome God - Kirk Franklin 

No other name - Todd Dulaney 

I look to you - Whitney Houston 

 Quick split 😫🤣✨

Now to sweep and hoover the floors - kitchen and dining room, passage and downstairs WC.....

Song give me you