Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beauty Haul - Ben Nye Banana Powder and friends

Having wanting to try Ben Nye Banana Powder for ages, I finally tracked some down. I could have ordered it online but I wanted to try the other colours too so I roped hubby into driving across London to the Make up Emporium. What lovely place is all I can say, well I can say more but... Yea..... I can feel this throat infection making me a little loopy so I'll just get on with it.
My little makeup hunt was in October - having some holiday money left over- and I've played with my treats twice now.

Being a fresh face kind of gal, I have been trying out new make up looks lately. Don't get me wrong, I  am not a make up application novice as I have had great fun applying to others, friends, brides, models..... But I don't really wear it myself. I wear mascara and lip gloss for church and for the odd days. I need moisturise on my lips all day so gloss doesn't really count I suppose.
Rushing around after the kiddies I don't have time anyway so it doesn't bother me much but I do like trying out different looks and for special occasions I break out my bare minerals powder.

I don't use a foundation or concealor or the like as it feels very heavy but I thought I'd give highlighting a try. BNBP has popped up all over the place while I've been browsing blogs and YouTube and I jumped on the bandwagon, I also scooped up the topaz and colourless too.
For some reason that seemed good at the time, I also picked up the sealer.

I loved the little cosmetic cove of yumminess and my roaving eye had a field day and my hands too swatching here, testing there.... I snapped up a make up forever eye pencil and circled back to the BN section a grabbed a lip pencil. An extraction tool caught my eye so that came along for the ride.
If only that place was nearer to me I'd be there ALL the time.

Anywhoo I've prattled on long enough. Here's results from my first play. I used the powder alone without concealer as I don't actually own one {gawp}- I'm not saying I don't need one - I'm aware of my dark circles some mornings and don't let me start with the puffiness, I am looking into getting a La Girl Pro Hd one to try it as I've heard so much about it....  - I
just don't use concealer :p


 29/03/2014 Found this post in draft mode!! I now have played with some concealers lol