Saturday, 8 December 2018

Spicy Ramen/ Noodle Challenge

When will I learn lol.

The boys got me again, this time with spicy noodles 😫

enjoy the video, laughs a plenty as usual with these two.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Getting my happy back through crafting.

Hiya!! I hope you are well.

I am trying to get back my happy.

I have talked a little about my low moods here and there but I try not to post too much as I feel like this blog was a way for me to have a little escape and enjoyment but.... I do feel it's important for me to work on my emotional health.

I have noticed - for a couple years if I'm honest - that I have stopped doing the things that used to make me happy, the things that I used to enjoy hold no joy for me and that's not ok.

I think back to my crafting days and how much I loved it, and the other hobbies I spent so much time and money on them and now all the tools, equipment and products just gathering dust.

I have started to really try to get the zeal to do something enjoyable but I really don't have it in me.
I want to push through the feelings and do it any way.

I have started planning again which seemed to awaken my crafting side, so much so that I took part in inktober - I was meant to actually upload my drawings but for whatever reason I didn't and now it's two months - sigh- that got my creative juices flowing annnndddd I have caught the bullet journaling bug and that has definitely got my fingers twitching to create.

I think I will get a project to work on and ease into crafting and then maybe look for some craft blogs/channels challenges to take part in.

Keep a look put for some show and tells,

bye for now xxx

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Rice Water Rinse for hair Growth - video


I have seen so many videos, posts and recommendations for using rice water for hair growth. I have wanted to try it but couldn't face the smell of the fermented rice water.
I decided to do a modified version where I let the rice ferment for a short while and then longer in the fridge.

I recorded a wash day using the rice water rinse and also a hair update.

enjoy xxx