Friday, 28 September 2018

Starting from.......

.... NOW!! 😫

Sooooo....... I have a slight confession to make.... I may have failed my no buy ban already.

I may have went to TK Maxx and I may have purchased a hair product... or 2. Also maybe a makeup item.... or 3😫😫

To plead my case, it was some CHi Items and they are quite pricey elsewhere so when I see them in TK Maxx I like to pick them up.
Plus.... One was a gel and I didn't know they did a gel so of course I wanted to try it... and I didn't follow my previous bad habit of picking up more than one *just in case* and.... I do need some gel as mine is running out, I have like two wash and go's left.... ok I have two different gels I could use but they flake on me.....
The other item was a hair treatment and I don't actually have a protein treatment so technically I followed the rules.... kind of.... but not really.... GAH!!!!

I was trying not to buy make up too.... was gonna post about that and extend my no buy to include makeup with the exception of the new Too Faced Ginger Spice eye shadow palette that's due here in UK on the 5th of October.

But I failed there too as I picked up a couple bits..... I think I have to ban myself fromTK Maxx as I always get sucked in.... they're prices are so reasonable and I made the mistake of watching a Makeup video where the lady showed some Too Faced sale items and mentioned that TJ Maxx would have some there, I decided to look in TK Maxx as they often get the bits from their US stores and they did in fact have some.... Oh dear..... I really must NOT go to look for now because a look becomes a grab!!

Soooo..... I'm restarting my no buy...... I'll do better, I promise. I do need a few skincare items though. so ... yeah.

Bye for now xxx

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Hair Product "No Buy"

Hiya!! (told you I'd be back tomorrow lol)

I have put myself on a Hair Product buying ban.

I knew I had a whole load of hair stuff, I have been a product junkie and have back ups of my back ups.
Don't even get me started on my conditioner addiction gahhh!!!!
I have been in a decluttering frenzy and found so many bottles, tubs and packets of hair stuff I could open a pop-up shop 😣.

I decided that until I use what I have am NOT to buy any more.

It's ridiculous - I mean how many heads of hair do I have? granted I use my hair products on the boys, three of whom have quite a lot of hair but still!!

I will only buy something if I absolutely need it for example a condition based item or if I haven't anymore of it's type. I probably won't need to buy conditioner till way into next year (the shame).

I will be blogging as I go and I can't promise not to moan when I want to try something - I nearly bought the Paul Mitchells conditioner as I have wanted to try it for over a year!!

Look out for some more reviews as I start to actually use what I have instead of admiring them.... or placing them in bags and forgetting about them *sigh*

I am ashamed to have rediscovered some items I was kindly given to review and although it's way late... I will review these too.

Anywhooooooo..... gonna have some dinner now, a break in healthy eating meal (don't like the term cheat meal... who am I cheating??

Bye for now xxx

Friday, 21 September 2018

Testing out Brushes, GRWM part 2 and 3

Hiya!!  Here's parts 2 and 3 of Te testing makeup brushes, GRWM video(s)
I didn't't even post when I uploaded part 2, I've been on one of my downward/inward/spins but I'm clawing my way back. ((be gone black cloud))

I know it's another video drop blog post and I had promised (more than once😫) that I would be back to regular posting.... (well regular for me lol) and I failed....terribly. But..... I really will be back tomorrow with a post and will schedule my time much better.

Part 2: Eyes, Brows and Contour

Part 3: Highlight, Finishing and Hair.

Enjoy the video's, *see* you tomorrow xxx