Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Family Days Out - Then and Now

Hiya!! We went to Woburn Safari Park and then I found some footage of ages ago when we went out to the o2 Centre and I was amazed at the difference in everyone.
Kiddies grow sooo quickly.

I even kept in some of the squabbles lol

Enjoy xxx

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Aldi Skincare


I shared some lovely Skincare bits from Aldi and thought I'd post it here. Enjoy xxx

Monday, 29 October 2018

Meal Plan Monday

Hiya!! Back with another meal plan post.

Last week was half term and I knew we had sooo many things going on so no plan there.

Schools back in and the weather has gotten so chilly that all I want to do is cozy down in the evenings so a plan for dinners is well needed.


Seasoned Veg Rice and Prawns.                    Seasoned Veg Rice and Jackfruit.


Turkey Meatballs Pasta Bake.                         Mushroom Pasta Bake.          


Italian style Fish and Miniature Potatoes.       Jackfruit "fish" and Miniature Potatoes


One Pot Chicken and Rice.                             One Pot Mushroom Rice


Chicken Sausage Casserole and Mashed Potato.     Smoked Tofu and Mashed Potato.


Creamy Spaghetti                       Dairy Free Spaghetti

That didn't take long at all. I hope the boys enjoy their meals this week. Next week I will get them to choose meals and have a "Boy Choice" week.

Catch up soon xxx

Monday, 15 October 2018

Meal Plan Monday

Hiya!! I'm back with another meal plan Monday.
Last week we were eating out of our freezer and our eldest son bought some goodies home from work so we used that.

This week it's back to planning.

The weather has dipped again and I have found myself wanting pasta much more so I will be doing a few pasta dishes this week.
Saturday and Sunday I have big concerts so I will only be planning the week dinners.


Filled Pasta (will look at which protein is in the fridge.          Pasta and Vegetable mix.


Rice and Fish.                                                    Rice and Seasoned Blackeye Beans.


Chicken Pie with Potatoes and Veg.                   Sweet Potato and Veg Pie with mixed beans.


Chicken and Rice One Pot.                                 Vegetable and Rice One Pot.


Pizza and Chicken wings.                                  Pasta and Vegetable mix.

That took not long at all. I love this planning malarkey lol.

I'm off to look at some meal planning blogs, "see" you soon xxx

Monday, 1 October 2018

Meal Plan Monday.

Hiya!! {did you over at seeing another post so soon??😜}

I have been in such a funk with cooking the last few weeks. My appetite has been very bad but even cooking for the family has been hard lately.
I know *the black cloud* can make me feel lethargic and sucks the fun, joy and enjoyment out of everything I used to love but I didn't expect to feel this way over simply cooking.

I'm not sure if it is because I have been ill with this cold type lergy and that has zapped all of the little energy I had, but I have been so tired.

I'm trying to fight *the black cloud* all the time and the fact of the matter is that I have to provide meals for my family. At this moment in time, I often have cereal or a smoothie and thats fine - for now - But my family deserve lovely meals and I actually want to get back to enjoying providing them.

I did notice that when I used to plan the meals, it really helped. It saved me from having to come up with the ideas on the nights that I really had no inspiration and the boys liked to have a visual sign of what was for dinner.
They seem to like choosing meals too which is great.

So onto the point after all that waffle lol, I am back to meal planning and will post on Mondays. As the boys are at school I'll be posting Dinner for Monday - Saturday.
I'll plan mine next the family meals to try and get me motivated to eat properly too.

This weeks Meals will be:

Monday;       Spaghetti Bolognese.                           Vegetables and Spaghetti
Tuesday;       Rice and Fish.                                      Rice and Black bean Korma
Wednesday;  Chicken and Pasta One Pot.                 Vegetables and Pasta One Pot
Thursday;     Potato gratin and meatballs.                 Smoothie
Friday;          One Pot Rice with Chicken.                 One Pot Rice with Veg
Saturday;      Homemade Burgers and Wedges.        Meatfree version.

That was actually quicker thanI thought. I'll let you know how I got on and if it helped with this cooking funk.

I'd love to hear if you meal plan and what meals you're cooking this week, also if you have any inspiration or even know of any blogs.

See you soon xxx