Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Looking into me....

I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently and have found many little "isms" that I do not like... one bit.

I have decided it's time for another life overhaul. The last time I did this, I had a shock as my life actually changed in ways I didn't even begin to imagine.
I want to chaange every area of my life. I want to start right now!!

I'll be back with plans and deffo challenges to keep me motivated.

Who's up for the life change challenge??

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Very small The Works haul.

Hiya!! I was running some errands and I discovered that The Works opened a store in my area!!

I had no idea. I haven't been in the area for ages, in fact the same day, I went to get some hair gel from my local hair shop (or beauty supply store) and the lady asked me if I had moved away from the area since she hadn't seen me for so long lol.

I'm not even sure when The Works store opened here but I'm more than pleased that they did. I always love popping in the store when I am in an area where one is which is not often at all and I love their craft, art and kiddie bits. I do like their books also and the prices at The Works are really good.

I was with my youngest and he was in awe of all the goodies and my haul was for both of us.

I picked up a leaf die set (£4)and coffee clear stamp set (£1) for myself I will be picking a few more stamp sets over the next few weeks as they look really nice and are just £1.

Little man chose some slime (£2) and a notebook (£2) - such a lovely sentiment on the cover.

I also picked up a super balloon and pump set that was on offer (£4 instead of £6) it's supposed to fill balloons with water - and can be used for just air too - quickly and easily. I got it for us all to use for summer and occasions.
I'm interested to see how well it works and will check back in with a review.

So that was it really. Just a few items as I am on a bit of a tight budget at the moment but I have some great plans for the dies and stamps as part of my getting back into stamping.

What's your fave items to get from The Works?

See you soon.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

New Post... who dis?

It's meeeee..... 😊

Ugh It's been a rough month....or two....actually make that four 😫

We lost someone so very dear to us in January, I am still in a state of shock, grief and heartbreak. I cannot seem to get my brain to accept this great loss, nor do I want to believe he's gone.
My faith in God isn't the issue - I know He is there - I just feel the loss so much... Everyday.

Some nights I dream of him and he's alive.. then I wake and it's like hearing the terrible news all over again.
I have to admit that I am no longer inconsolable and my tears are not all day but the pain is real, so strong.
I try to get on with life but life keeps throwing stuff at me.... it's hard to get a handle on all the horrid things that keep coming but through it all I must keep holding on to the fact that God is in control.

We are going through so much as a family but I am trying to be present and effective for everyone.

In all of this I am aware that my emotional health is in need of some help. I do need to return to therapy but I have been avoiding it.
I am trying to continue to use the tools I was given by my therapist but I really must get back.

On a positive note to that - I have started to craft again whooooppp whoooppp!! I have been trying to do things I once loved and which once gave me joy and although it hasn't been a regular thing, the times I crafted has been great.

I also did my nails last week for the first time in maybe over a year!! I tried out a gel nail polish kit and loved it.

I realise that blogging - something I loved to do has been neglected {as is evident from my nonexistent posts here} and my blog has turned into a video upload dump.
Something I'm not happy about, the thing is I have all the blog post intentions but no motivation to actually type it out. I'm going to be better about that so let's set a challenge....
at least 3 posts weekly? I was going to say starting from June but that's my issue... setting far off dates to start (often not fulfilling) when I can start no!!
Right.... Starting from Monday .... that will be the May 20th... Let's GO!!!

As I type I am actually feeling better.... Blogging truly is a love of mine.

Ok.... enough rambling.

I'll see you on Monday xxx