Monday, 26 May 2014

Birthday Hauls

Thought I'd post some haul photo's as I love these kinds of posts not to mention vids.

I had some Birthday money from various sources and since I always end up using such funds on household or boy items I thought I'd be self indulgent.

Beauty Bay Haul

 I have been eyeing up some Too Faced goodies for ages. I wanted to try the heart blushers, Chocolate palette and the little heart beads in particular. I always drool over the palette on Debenams website and for the longest of times they had it on sale as part of their Beauty special, the price was way too much for me to justify. But with my birthday indulgence I decided to treat myself.... but ofcourse when I looked the sale had moved on to clothing... Gah... not wanting to pay full price, I looked around and remembered seeing Beauty Bay listed as a good makeup site. I clicked on and whoooooppppp they were having a special sale.
I ummmed and ahhhhed and chose the Chocolate Bar palette, Sweetheart Beads, Something About Berry blush and Candlelight Shadow Insurance and OPI muppet. I got a Nail polish freebie.

Feel Unique Haul

Last Year Naked3 was all the rage and blogs and YTvids were full of reviews and swatches, I had a look at them in the flesh while doing my Christmas Pressie Shopping. I wasn't in the position to purchase but did get naked 2 and 3 dupes from Tmart and after reading about the MUA dupes for naked 1 and 2 got those too. I loved them so much and get compliments everytime I use them and have been promising myself that when I get the chance I'll get one of the genuine naked palettes.
Soooooo I chose the Naked3. Beauty Bay's sale doesn't include Urban Decay so I looked around and went to Look Fantastic as I knew they were having an up to 20% off sale, yayyy I could get by Naked palette at a great price... NOT they decided to take the Naked palettes off the site!! grrrr I hate when companies do things like this. Its not the first time Look Fantastic has done this kind of thing either.... they had Naked3 with their eye primer as a bundle and NONE of the Nakeds that I had seen few days before! Not that they were out of stock but NOWHERE on the site....
I heard that Feel Unique was part of the group so looked on there and the Nakeds were there smillimg at me... but was at 15%  sheeeshh, A good deal but not as good as 20% so I tried the same code from LF and whoooopppp it worked.
To reach the threshold and also to make use of fabby deal I added a few hair goodies I wanted to try. Into my basket went Naked3, Palmers Coconut Edge Control (yes I'm addicted to edge control/tamer), Organix Coconut Milk Serum, Jojoba oil, Garnier Moisturiser (to replace my empty) the other 2 goodies are free samples.

TK Maxx Haul

TK Maxx is often hit or miss but my trusty Beaute Mediterranea Elixr Capilar was running out and thats the only place I could find it in the UK. I hurried one night to the Brent Cross branch I didn't see it at first and thought I as out of luck but whooooopppp I found it (reminds me of the old programe I Spy - ooooppp we found it, oooopp we found it how about you) Along with some other goodies.... Including a sulphate free shampoo, the one I have is quite harsh, A leave in to replace my Its a 10 and some essential oils - I didn't even know they stocked them.

 I'll give a review on the Haul Items in later posts.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Protecting while Protecting......

...... After a great idea to put my hair in a protective style for the week or at the very least a few days, I had a think and an Internet and YT browse and thought I'd like some twists.... then I thought hmmmmm I wanted to try African Threading why not do that??
I knew I'd have a busy 2 weeks coming up and my thick hair needs more time then I have for styling... plus... I have noticed my hair crying at the manipulation lately and the shedding is continuing .... so yeah... protective African Threading it was.

Now I don't know if I am just *cack handed* or it takes time to get the hang of it but erm.... lets just say it didn't turn out how I thought it would... at all!!

The thread wouldn't wind on properly and the root part started to far down so I had to keep undoing and redoing.... it took ages!! Not figuratively. Actual ages lol.
I did it in sections and by the time the first side of my head was done I just wanted to take it all down and forget it, but I just continued. When I finished my whole head I looked like a scarecrow!! no lie!
I just put the twisty straw like thingies in a bun(tucking the twiggy bits down with hair pins), put on a bonnet and just pretended they looked fab.

So next day I got ready for school run and couldn't pretend anymore, I had to do something with the straw and twigs on my head. I couldn't show up at the school gates like I had a birds nest on my head so I got inventive, put the twisties into a bun at the back and flat twisted some twisties at the front and to the side, placed my butterfly headband on and wasn't horrified lolololol. I just put on a little heavier than normal{for me} eyeshadow to try and deflect o_O

Here's how hairdo looked when we got back after a loooong walk home.

Top and side view - ahh the butterfly
please excuse the dignity blankee

Unfortunately {or fortunately} the twigs didn't last long, like a day, I tried to style them again the next day and it was a struggle, the threads was coming out of some and all sorts. I put them in on Sunday and took them out on Tuesday! bahh so much for week protective styling.
I decided to take them out and put normal twists in, So I start to unravel, following the advice from one of the YT vids - untwist a little, trim the thread that comes free, untwist hair and the knot will slip off -  the ones at the back had already started to come out so it was fine. The others were coming out good then SNAG. ugh the knots were stuck, not hard to come out but stuck! I got my trusty Knot On My Watch detangler it worked on some but noooooo not on all. I had no other choice put to pull the knots and strands{cry} out... oh I wanted to screech. here's the pic of the strands....{bawl}

Oh the pain of seeing my hair in the threads! I try and console myself with the fact that it's ends that got tugged and they'll be trimmed of at some stage but honestly it didn't work I had the waaaaahhhmbulance on speed dial.
After detangling and combing I start to twist my hair, halfway in I know it's not gonna work out. My natural regrowth loves the twists and looks great springy and curvy but the relaxed, over processed ends don't love twists at all, they unravel and untwist and look stringy and maggah!! no sah the twists never look good atall!!

The next day I woke up early as hubby was taking me clean across to Brixton to get a top up on the Dominican Conditioners, I also want to try a leave in. Soooooo excited.... too excited? maybe. But hey you gotta be happy about the small things that make your week have a little buzz.
The twists were staging a protest and refusing to play ball..... they looked hideous, I tried to fix them into the style I had the Threaded twists in but... Nah!! they weren't having a bar of it. The stupid things kept untwisting. I did my best and decided to look for a wig at the shop for next week.

I did take some pics of the twists as they show how much growth I have achieved since the start of my hair journey, they showed the difference between the textures very well and let me realise that my hair has grown. I know all hair grows but at times I really get frustrated as it seems like I'm not making progress as quickly as I want, but there it was clear as day.

spot the difference

Soooo although the threading wasn't a success I will retry when I get the courage as I love how my hair felt afterwards, soft and stretched.
I learned a few hair lessons this week the most important being to protect my hair while trying to protect my hair...

Saturday, 10 May 2014

OMGosh!! A real live post.....

..... lolololol

so yeah... I'm actually posting in real life time and not playing catch up.... hopefully this will continue.

Thought I'd come with a quick post about my personal challenges and a little about my day.

Today Hubby and two of the boys are doing his sponsored walk for mens department.
I had to cheer mello up as he wanted to go too but he wouldn't be able to do the 12miles. I planned to bake with him as he loves it and kay was having a surprise nap but no eggs!! Isn't that always the way?? He was not impressed and asked for face painting as an alternative... I couldn't very well say no could I sooooo after lots of smiling, itching, wriggling and trying to stay stilling we had a happy scary Lion:


This morning I had a unexpected package! I completely forgot about this auto delivery thing from QVC.... no wonder I had less money than I thought in my bank.... must really get a statement of auto deliveries and/or easy payments left so I can be more organised.
well the yummies were so prettifull I soon forgot about my moaning bank balance.

I had a little play, just staying in so did a very subtle look. Also no mascara.... the set didn't have it and since I was using just the set I didn't even remember to put any in {haaaaa}

My hair is in a ponytail with ends roller curled and a flat twist at the front(was meant to be roller curled fringe but FAIL turned to STYLE lol. I added a re purposed chain as a head band.

 Now as for my personal challenges......

I always start something or other and am not great at keeping it up buttttt, I had started a 30 day bamboo tea challenge...... 2 weeks ago.... and I'm pleased to say that my 15 tea bag pack is finished!! whooooppppp the only reason I haven't drank any the last 2 days is because I ran out and my order didn't clear so I'll get back on it when I get my package.
I had seen bamboo tea discussed when I first started my HHJ on Relaxed Hair Blog and was intrigued. Many YTers and bloggers alike have talked and also documented results about Bamboo Tea and I decided to try it. I love herbal and fruit teas and since starting a healthier choice journey I have been drinking them more often again so it wasn't going to be hard for me to add another variety.

I have been reading and viewing all the discussions about supplements for hair growth and health and I feel the Bam tea will be the best way for me to have a try at one of them. The hair,nail and skin vitamins that I got in costco sit unopened as I was br feeding at the time and the warning on the back spooked me. I have heard about break outs and reactions so just left them there... looking at me.
Biotin, hairfinity and mane thnigy all make me jumpy not to mention the later two are moneys soooooo..... I searched for bamboo tea which was a challenge all in itself. Every shop I asked in looked at me like I asked for some thing not nice....or imaginary... online searches were for US and the blog I saw it on was out of stock.
I was browsing for something on Amazon Uk and thought why not have a try - I found a couple of options, one was loose tea from a seller and one was tea bags fulfilled by amazon. I chose the bags, they were bamboo and nettle`- was worried about the fact its not plain bamboo but nettle is great for hair and health. The description in the listing and on the pack talks about silica etc so I know they know their stuff lol.

I'll do a post of a full review and results when the 30 days (plus few days for excuses ) are  over but I'm sure I notice a difference already oh and it tastes great... haaaaaa just remembered long and healthy saying it tastes like dirt in her video.

My other new hair challenge is to use my growth oil mix concoction every night.... ok backtrack...
I have already played with oil mixes for myself to replace my beloved hair grease for my scalp and to seal the moisture, and made some for friends and my mummy customised for their needs but I haven't thought about doing an oil mix specifically for growth... Until I kept reading and hearing about these wonder, miraculous, grow hair to your bum oils!!
Don't get me wrong, I would actually use a commercial oil for growth but how do you choose?? also which one would actually work?
I have heard great things about Virgin and Wild Growth for instance and they are easy to get in the UK so I would prob choose one of them to start with but I cant stand the smell of virgin... oh and the thick greasy feel..... I have heard that Wild Growth stinks also so nah, not gonna happen.... I have sensitive smell as it is and lots of stuff give me migraine.
As I have so many oils already I thought I'd give a growth concoction a try.

I had to put a generous amount of JMBCO in there, I have tried and tested this fabby oil and can testify of the claims working... I have told so many people about it and encouraged many to buy it so that was a no brainer..... I decided to use the rest of my current mix as a base as it already had my lavender petals in there so added the JMBCO to it..... then I went to work adding oils I felt would go well and then turned to my kitchen.... yes sah, kitchen goods turn hair concoction lol. I added what I felt would be great scalp/follicle stimulants and good for growth from reading and looking at other hair products.
I added some of my essential oils.... the funny thing is I purchased the right oils for hair benefits without even knowing it.... I have found that God has directed me to the hair products and oils that I need from the very start of my HHJ, I prayed from the beginning as my hair was in a baaaadd way and God has kept His word.

 So Growth Oil Concoction was made on Tuesday and I have used it every night so far, I use it in place of my JMBCO .... oooo that was a great challenge and I actually kept up with that, maybe dropped a few nights but deffo at least 5 days in a week and i have seen the fruit of my labour.... on my scalp and a little on the hair if it's dry.

It feels good so far, it does have a tingle at times and is very cooling on impact so lets see how it goes.

I'll do a 15 day challenge with it to see how it works and that will bring the finish in line with the Bamboo Tea.

The old challenges I have continued are:
Moisture and Seal nightly - done every night unless hair was well moisturised already
Cover head up nightly- done every night
DC every washday - done
JMBCO Challenge for edges nightly and scalp massages at least twice a week

My challenges for skincare has not gone well at all.... I'll have to sort that out next week.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Wash Day - The tale of the late and different.

This weeks Wash Day was a day late and delayed start.....

As it was bank holiday on Monday and we had planned a boy day out I decided to put wash day to Tuesday...... well Monday didn't go as planned and by the time I realised it was a bust, it was too late to start washing even if I chose to leave out the overnight oil treat. So I oiled my hair up with EVCO in prep for morning. I had the idea to try the GHE as my hair has been feeling a little hard..... OMGosh talk about Green House!!! it was BOILING hot and DAMP and hot!! and clammy!! and did I say hot?? I couldn't sleep properly and it wasn't just my head that was hot it was my whole body, the weather wasn't that warm and I had on just a vest and thin sheet so I can only put the heat down to my head. I was very tempted to take the shower cap of my head but after feeling how wet my hair was, I was too sleepy to get a towel to wrap my hair in.
I'm glad I left it on though because when I saw the way my hair had enjoyed its sauna I was impressed. my roots were puffy and moist - I don't think I'll do GHE unless its night before Wash Day as I imagine I'll have a hard time styling my hair on a normal day.

I realised that we had a House Appointment that would mean I couldn't wash my hair right away..... the oil was too much to just put my hair up and hope for the best so I decided to put my pre-poo on and put my hair in a bun.... I didn't want to add my usual honey - very sticky - or coconut milk powder.... didn't want to attract flies/wasps/bees so just put the Elastizicer on and some Aloe Vera Gel and brushed my hair into a high bun, I tied a scarf round the front and went to our appt.

Long story short after a wasted journey I came back home to continue Wash Day..... I don't know if the Elastizicer was on too long, or the aloe vera didn't mix well with it.... or it got too dried out but my hair was crying at me!! It was tangley and tough!! I thought some conditioner would help so I used the cheapo cleansing condish from Aldi to soften my hair so I could detangle it, that worked well but hair was still in a sulk.
Using my new sulphate free shampoo I washed my hair and repeated, it started to feel better but Ugh!! Shed city!! I had a slight panic and had a flash back to the shedding of last year that prompted my HHJ.

I tea rinsed with my usual mix and my hair felt much better, I could take my hand out my hair without tuns of strands being left on them.

Onto DC, I wanted to give the Silicon Mix another try but really missed my Aplanadora so decided to follow my planned experiment and mix them altogether.
I wanted to give a couple Indian powders a go too so why not put them in too?? {lol} I added Coconut Milk powder as I had left it out of pre-poo.

Mega Mix -{please excuse the grouting}

odd lighting - it's actually pistachio colour

I put the powders into my bowl, added some of my oil mix and stirred, adding the oils enough to get a creamy paste that wasn't gritty.
Then for the mega Condish mix. I added the conditioners into the bowl, eyeballing the amounts. Mixed it all up and applied the mixture to my hair in the trusty four sections.... it lapped it up and asked for more!! I put more of the mixture onto the hairline and smoothed it up, shower caps and scarves and off to get on with the rest of the Day.

Fast forward to night time..... I rinsed out the DC Mega Mix the - wowwweeeee!! my hair was soft and singing, and the shine!!! - and did a final cold rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar in cold water... well mostly cold with a cunch of hot water to stop me from screaming lol.

I blotted the excess water out of my hair and rubbed EVCO through my hands and into my hair - the second time I've done this since seeing the tip on YT - and wrapped my hair up in a vest.

After my hair had dried some, I put in my leave ins:
Uniq One all in one hair treatment - (I purchased to replace my empty Its a 10)
Moisturiser (either kanechom avocado or Mega growth break free - cant remember)
Organix coconut anti break serum
Jojoba oil (whooopppp so glad I finally got this oil)

I wanted to try a different way to stretch my hair, banding is fab but puts alot of tension on my hair and pulls at my scalp abit. I decided to try a roller set - again - and rolled my hair up on magnetic rollers. I decided to buy some to try out as my sleep in rollers make a horrid RIippp sound when I remove them, I've used them on dry hair but nit wet... maybe that makes a difference? .... there's no hair left on them but the noise just scares me lol.
I sooooooo need to improve my rolling technique. Like really!! I actually passed that section of hairdressing but cant do it properly on my own hair gahhhh.
I tried out the sleep in rollers soft bonnet with my hairdryer! oooo I likey. I put dryer on cool air and then medium when it got too chilly and swapped between the two... in no time my hair was dry so I left rollers in for a little whle then took them down.

ummmm..... my hair wasn't straight, it was smooth but kind of puffy.... I wonder if I didn't have the hair damp enough when I rolled?? I wasn't too disappointed as it wasn't frizzy, just pouffy.
I wrapped my hair with hair pins.... the wrapping was weird... and kind of annoying... like my hair wouldn't lay down, I know I'm almost out of my "relaxed hair way of thinking" but maybe a little bit is left and I expect the wrong thing from my hair. I went along with the odd wrap and covered my hair with satin bonnet.

The next morning I took the wrap down and it was ok, my hair was smooth and I liked that there wasn't the ridges or waves that banding leaves behind. My hair was stretched which was my goal I suppose, I just thought it may have been straighter.... I think it does have a lot to do with my rolling.
I don't mind trying it again..... it does take much longer than banding though....hmmmmm might give threading a try.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Catch UP- New Craving - Dominican Conditioners

 ugh, yet another catch up.... I have soooo many drafted posts that I start but dont get to finish... one day I'll be the organised all round wonder woman, but until then I'll be in training.


Following my Birthday Conditioner escapade, I have craved Dominican Conditioners. Like they were the best type of Chocolate Gateau ever baked.

The Aplanadora was - the - boombtastic! Arrggghhhh I want to keep it and use it all at the same time. I have used it twice now and wow, just wow.... only prob is where to get it. I'm gonna have to trek to Brixton as its the only place I know where to get it... online I can only see international places.

The atrActiva Multivitamin Deep Treatment was nice but not Fantastic, I think it might be cos I LOVE the Aplanadora so much. I'll see what it's like mixed with it, plus I tried it after a cowash and didn't let it sit as long as a wash day DC.

I have drooled over Youtube vids of people talking about Dom Condish's and have a list of some I want to try.

Silicon Mix still had a pull on me and I bit the bullet and ordered it from Amazon Uk it was £13 as I chose to purchase direct from Amazon rather than a seller.
Now I dont know if I was expecting a hair moment or something but.... and I hate to say this after lusting over it for over 6months but it wans't the wow result I was expecting. Dont get me wrong it was a great DC mix, but not as good as Aplanadora... in that it doesnt get my hair super smooth and super soft.

I'll I may add the Aplandora to the SM and Kanechom..... overkill?? maybe but I love mixup lol

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Catch Up - Birthday Treat

My Lovely Hubby took me away for a weekend break in Richmond Hill

We had a relaxing, stress free.... kiddie free .... Romantic time.

The hotel itself was lovely, set out like a stately home, The room was big, airy and had a seperate vanity area - ooooo lol
The bathroom was spacious and shower invigorating.

Dinner was Booked for the Friday at Annayas in Canary Wharf.
Absolutely delicious.  West Indian cuisine presented with finesse. We both had cocktails... mine was Blue Lagoon, Adj had Strawberry and Lemongrass Martini.
The set menu had great variety, I ordered the Lobster Starter - Fresh,tasty and refreshing - Curry Goat Main - oh my the presentation was awesome, the curry was served in a filo pastry shell. The meat was tender and well seasoned, the rice ans peas was lush, the right amount of coconut and the rice grains fluffy and separated to perfection - Rum and Almond Cake Dessert - light and airy sponge, well balanced flavours and not overly sweet. Yummy Scrummy!!
Adj had the Prawn Starter, Curry Goat Main, Banana cake and custard Dessert.

Birthday yummies, my hubby spoiled me.

On our way driving back to the hotel, I recognised Elephant and Castle...... My inner Hair Product Junkie alarm started twinging..... For the last month I had been looking online at Dominican Hair Products.... mainly conditioners -  I had come across the whole silicon mix and kanechom wonder mixture last year but couldnt find Silicon Mix anywhere. Being a fan of Kanechom anyway I had a tub and I saw Nuaat Silicon while looking at the *exotic* hair brands and thought I'd try it in place of silicon mix. I loved the results and have kept it as my staple DC base, changing oils as I feel and also adding different varients of kanechom and/or omitting the organix macadamia mask. - I remember reading a very old forum post about finding Dom Rep Conditioners in London * and it mentioned a Dom Hairdressers in Elephant and Castle....

My lovely Hubby agreed that we could drop in on the way to o2 next day!! yayyyy
Reading the post I found that the Hairdressers had moved to Brixton, I came accross the Dom Rep Alliance where I found some good products and addy for a store that had some of the products in Brixton too..... hooorrraaahhhh - ok so I am a hair product junkie... who says hooorrraaahhhh over some condish??
We went to Hairdressers first as I had my mind set on silicon mix and the Alliance site hasn't got any mention of it. Now in no way am I bad mouthing said Hairdressers but when I entered, I got some strange vibe..... I decided to have a look at counter/shelving unit to see if they had any SM there and the Hairdressers looked at each other and me..... I wasnt sure who worked the desk so made eye contact with one of the hairdressers..... after a weird convo she told me to look at the counter and called someone from out the back. I asked how much the SM condish was... £25..... huh whattt?? £25??? for some condish??? yeah so it was 16oz and "good conditioner" as she so helpfully pointed out but I was not gonna pay £25 for something I'd seen online for way cheaper and wasnt even sure that my hair would love..... gahhhhhh my face fell and hubby looked like he was gonna call shenanigans on the place so I said a polite maybe I'll be back and hot footed it out..... now I had even thought about trying a Dom Blowout but nahhhh not feeling the place nor the inflated prices so pff tot he store that I had addy for.
As it wasnt too far hubby was more than happy... well maybe not happy but not fussed about going there.

Looooong story short the store had a few goodies... after I had explained what I was over- twice and then flashing pic on phone {see that's why I have random hair product pics on my phone.... cant take the blank looks in stores lololol}I was directed to counter as the Dom products are kept behind till.... Ohh! I had to hold off from spending all my hair budget on them, and I wanted to try a leave in too but as I had only factored for condish I had to be on my best budget behaviour and choose one... but wait!! £9.99?? ok so justification sets in... if SM was gonna cost me £25 {ha} I could get 2 of these..... for less..... yea beging if ever I heard it but yah.

I chose La Aplanadora and atrActiva Multivitamin Deep Treatment, never heard anything about the two just trusted instincts.

I can't wait to try them.... like literally want to wash my hair now and try them LOL.

Friday, 2 May 2014

CATCH UP - Wash Day - Branded edition.


This is a catch up post that was drafted in March


Branded edition? Well two weeks ago I decided I wanted to be free from my Hair Extension unit. I've been wearing it forever! Ok slight exaggeration but it feels like forever as I went back-to-back from Feb washing my hair then plaiting it up next day and sewing on my unit. I felt my hair needed a long break after the hospital stay left my hair abandoned and mistreated.

It really did my hair good and I had planned to keep putting it away but I became bored and felt my extensions were becoming too much a part of me aannnnd my head was HOT, the long hair was also becoming tiresome.

I wanted to feel my own hair and see how much regrowth I had. I also was itching to see how much growth I had retained so wanted to use my straighteners, I was very curious to see how straight my hair would get with all that regrowth.

I decided that as I had purchased some fairly high end products over the months why not do a wash day with the high end stuff to see if they really made a difference. I purchased the products for so much less than retail and/or special offers I was secretly smug.  I was itching to use my new elasticizer so I grabbed that along with my Super Brand shampoo and leave ins and excitedly swished to the bathroom.

My deep conditioner mix was the same as I really haven't purchased high end versions.... I'm just so happy with the mix that I just haven't grabbed any... I've been tempted but my shea butter kanechom is soooo yummy lol.

soooooo into the wash we go.

I had doused my hair with EVCO overnight

I wet my hair and applied the elastisizer - WOWEE I now believe the hype!! I am reserving full starjumps until I have used it a few mre times but it looks like I'll have to start saving for when it finishes.
Put a plastic cap on and let it sit for about 20 mins.

Shampooed wth S     Shampoo I found in Tk maxx. I have been looking for an non sulphate shampoo, this one has essential oils in too.
It feels very..... cloggy... like hard, I didn't expect a non sulphate shampoo to be so harsh, but my hair felt squeaky clean.

After rinsing with water I tea rinsed with my Enriched Tea Rinse and DC'd with a mix of Nuaat Silicon, Kanechom Karite, Organix Macadamia masque, coconut oil and essential oil blend.

Fast forward to Leave Ins.......
Its a 10 leave in.
Curly Kids Moisturiser
Joico Split End Mender
Coconut oil.

Banded hair in 4 sections and let air dry over night.