Friday, 9 May 2014

Wash Day - The tale of the late and different.

This weeks Wash Day was a day late and delayed start.....

As it was bank holiday on Monday and we had planned a boy day out I decided to put wash day to Tuesday...... well Monday didn't go as planned and by the time I realised it was a bust, it was too late to start washing even if I chose to leave out the overnight oil treat. So I oiled my hair up with EVCO in prep for morning. I had the idea to try the GHE as my hair has been feeling a little hard..... OMGosh talk about Green House!!! it was BOILING hot and DAMP and hot!! and clammy!! and did I say hot?? I couldn't sleep properly and it wasn't just my head that was hot it was my whole body, the weather wasn't that warm and I had on just a vest and thin sheet so I can only put the heat down to my head. I was very tempted to take the shower cap of my head but after feeling how wet my hair was, I was too sleepy to get a towel to wrap my hair in.
I'm glad I left it on though because when I saw the way my hair had enjoyed its sauna I was impressed. my roots were puffy and moist - I don't think I'll do GHE unless its night before Wash Day as I imagine I'll have a hard time styling my hair on a normal day.

I realised that we had a House Appointment that would mean I couldn't wash my hair right away..... the oil was too much to just put my hair up and hope for the best so I decided to put my pre-poo on and put my hair in a bun.... I didn't want to add my usual honey - very sticky - or coconut milk powder.... didn't want to attract flies/wasps/bees so just put the Elastizicer on and some Aloe Vera Gel and brushed my hair into a high bun, I tied a scarf round the front and went to our appt.

Long story short after a wasted journey I came back home to continue Wash Day..... I don't know if the Elastizicer was on too long, or the aloe vera didn't mix well with it.... or it got too dried out but my hair was crying at me!! It was tangley and tough!! I thought some conditioner would help so I used the cheapo cleansing condish from Aldi to soften my hair so I could detangle it, that worked well but hair was still in a sulk.
Using my new sulphate free shampoo I washed my hair and repeated, it started to feel better but Ugh!! Shed city!! I had a slight panic and had a flash back to the shedding of last year that prompted my HHJ.

I tea rinsed with my usual mix and my hair felt much better, I could take my hand out my hair without tuns of strands being left on them.

Onto DC, I wanted to give the Silicon Mix another try but really missed my Aplanadora so decided to follow my planned experiment and mix them altogether.
I wanted to give a couple Indian powders a go too so why not put them in too?? {lol} I added Coconut Milk powder as I had left it out of pre-poo.

Mega Mix -{please excuse the grouting}

odd lighting - it's actually pistachio colour

I put the powders into my bowl, added some of my oil mix and stirred, adding the oils enough to get a creamy paste that wasn't gritty.
Then for the mega Condish mix. I added the conditioners into the bowl, eyeballing the amounts. Mixed it all up and applied the mixture to my hair in the trusty four sections.... it lapped it up and asked for more!! I put more of the mixture onto the hairline and smoothed it up, shower caps and scarves and off to get on with the rest of the Day.

Fast forward to night time..... I rinsed out the DC Mega Mix the - wowwweeeee!! my hair was soft and singing, and the shine!!! - and did a final cold rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar in cold water... well mostly cold with a cunch of hot water to stop me from screaming lol.

I blotted the excess water out of my hair and rubbed EVCO through my hands and into my hair - the second time I've done this since seeing the tip on YT - and wrapped my hair up in a vest.

After my hair had dried some, I put in my leave ins:
Uniq One all in one hair treatment - (I purchased to replace my empty Its a 10)
Moisturiser (either kanechom avocado or Mega growth break free - cant remember)
Organix coconut anti break serum
Jojoba oil (whooopppp so glad I finally got this oil)

I wanted to try a different way to stretch my hair, banding is fab but puts alot of tension on my hair and pulls at my scalp abit. I decided to try a roller set - again - and rolled my hair up on magnetic rollers. I decided to buy some to try out as my sleep in rollers make a horrid RIippp sound when I remove them, I've used them on dry hair but nit wet... maybe that makes a difference? .... there's no hair left on them but the noise just scares me lol.
I sooooooo need to improve my rolling technique. Like really!! I actually passed that section of hairdressing but cant do it properly on my own hair gahhhh.
I tried out the sleep in rollers soft bonnet with my hairdryer! oooo I likey. I put dryer on cool air and then medium when it got too chilly and swapped between the two... in no time my hair was dry so I left rollers in for a little whle then took them down.

ummmm..... my hair wasn't straight, it was smooth but kind of puffy.... I wonder if I didn't have the hair damp enough when I rolled?? I wasn't too disappointed as it wasn't frizzy, just pouffy.
I wrapped my hair with hair pins.... the wrapping was weird... and kind of annoying... like my hair wouldn't lay down, I know I'm almost out of my "relaxed hair way of thinking" but maybe a little bit is left and I expect the wrong thing from my hair. I went along with the odd wrap and covered my hair with satin bonnet.

The next morning I took the wrap down and it was ok, my hair was smooth and I liked that there wasn't the ridges or waves that banding leaves behind. My hair was stretched which was my goal I suppose, I just thought it may have been straighter.... I think it does have a lot to do with my rolling.
I don't mind trying it again..... it does take much longer than banding though....hmmmmm might give threading a try.

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