Saturday, 3 May 2014

Catch Up - Birthday Treat

My Lovely Hubby took me away for a weekend break in Richmond Hill

We had a relaxing, stress free.... kiddie free .... Romantic time.

The hotel itself was lovely, set out like a stately home, The room was big, airy and had a seperate vanity area - ooooo lol
The bathroom was spacious and shower invigorating.

Dinner was Booked for the Friday at Annayas in Canary Wharf.
Absolutely delicious.  West Indian cuisine presented with finesse. We both had cocktails... mine was Blue Lagoon, Adj had Strawberry and Lemongrass Martini.
The set menu had great variety, I ordered the Lobster Starter - Fresh,tasty and refreshing - Curry Goat Main - oh my the presentation was awesome, the curry was served in a filo pastry shell. The meat was tender and well seasoned, the rice ans peas was lush, the right amount of coconut and the rice grains fluffy and separated to perfection - Rum and Almond Cake Dessert - light and airy sponge, well balanced flavours and not overly sweet. Yummy Scrummy!!
Adj had the Prawn Starter, Curry Goat Main, Banana cake and custard Dessert.

Birthday yummies, my hubby spoiled me.

On our way driving back to the hotel, I recognised Elephant and Castle...... My inner Hair Product Junkie alarm started twinging..... For the last month I had been looking online at Dominican Hair Products.... mainly conditioners -  I had come across the whole silicon mix and kanechom wonder mixture last year but couldnt find Silicon Mix anywhere. Being a fan of Kanechom anyway I had a tub and I saw Nuaat Silicon while looking at the *exotic* hair brands and thought I'd try it in place of silicon mix. I loved the results and have kept it as my staple DC base, changing oils as I feel and also adding different varients of kanechom and/or omitting the organix macadamia mask. - I remember reading a very old forum post about finding Dom Rep Conditioners in London * and it mentioned a Dom Hairdressers in Elephant and Castle....

My lovely Hubby agreed that we could drop in on the way to o2 next day!! yayyyy
Reading the post I found that the Hairdressers had moved to Brixton, I came accross the Dom Rep Alliance where I found some good products and addy for a store that had some of the products in Brixton too..... hooorrraaahhhh - ok so I am a hair product junkie... who says hooorrraaahhhh over some condish??
We went to Hairdressers first as I had my mind set on silicon mix and the Alliance site hasn't got any mention of it. Now in no way am I bad mouthing said Hairdressers but when I entered, I got some strange vibe..... I decided to have a look at counter/shelving unit to see if they had any SM there and the Hairdressers looked at each other and me..... I wasnt sure who worked the desk so made eye contact with one of the hairdressers..... after a weird convo she told me to look at the counter and called someone from out the back. I asked how much the SM condish was... £25..... huh whattt?? £25??? for some condish??? yeah so it was 16oz and "good conditioner" as she so helpfully pointed out but I was not gonna pay £25 for something I'd seen online for way cheaper and wasnt even sure that my hair would love..... gahhhhhh my face fell and hubby looked like he was gonna call shenanigans on the place so I said a polite maybe I'll be back and hot footed it out..... now I had even thought about trying a Dom Blowout but nahhhh not feeling the place nor the inflated prices so pff tot he store that I had addy for.
As it wasnt too far hubby was more than happy... well maybe not happy but not fussed about going there.

Looooong story short the store had a few goodies... after I had explained what I was over- twice and then flashing pic on phone {see that's why I have random hair product pics on my phone.... cant take the blank looks in stores lololol}I was directed to counter as the Dom products are kept behind till.... Ohh! I had to hold off from spending all my hair budget on them, and I wanted to try a leave in too but as I had only factored for condish I had to be on my best budget behaviour and choose one... but wait!! £9.99?? ok so justification sets in... if SM was gonna cost me £25 {ha} I could get 2 of these..... for less..... yea beging if ever I heard it but yah.

I chose La Aplanadora and atrActiva Multivitamin Deep Treatment, never heard anything about the two just trusted instincts.

I can't wait to try them.... like literally want to wash my hair now and try them LOL.


  1. ...and were they any good? Can't wait to hear the outcome!

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    2. here's a little follow up post here
      I'll do a proper review soon though.


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