Saturday, 10 May 2014

OMGosh!! A real live post.....

..... lolololol

so yeah... I'm actually posting in real life time and not playing catch up.... hopefully this will continue.

Thought I'd come with a quick post about my personal challenges and a little about my day.

Today Hubby and two of the boys are doing his sponsored walk for mens department.
I had to cheer mello up as he wanted to go too but he wouldn't be able to do the 12miles. I planned to bake with him as he loves it and kay was having a surprise nap but no eggs!! Isn't that always the way?? He was not impressed and asked for face painting as an alternative... I couldn't very well say no could I sooooo after lots of smiling, itching, wriggling and trying to stay stilling we had a happy scary Lion:


This morning I had a unexpected package! I completely forgot about this auto delivery thing from QVC.... no wonder I had less money than I thought in my bank.... must really get a statement of auto deliveries and/or easy payments left so I can be more organised.
well the yummies were so prettifull I soon forgot about my moaning bank balance.

I had a little play, just staying in so did a very subtle look. Also no mascara.... the set didn't have it and since I was using just the set I didn't even remember to put any in {haaaaa}

My hair is in a ponytail with ends roller curled and a flat twist at the front(was meant to be roller curled fringe but FAIL turned to STYLE lol. I added a re purposed chain as a head band.

 Now as for my personal challenges......

I always start something or other and am not great at keeping it up buttttt, I had started a 30 day bamboo tea challenge...... 2 weeks ago.... and I'm pleased to say that my 15 tea bag pack is finished!! whooooppppp the only reason I haven't drank any the last 2 days is because I ran out and my order didn't clear so I'll get back on it when I get my package.
I had seen bamboo tea discussed when I first started my HHJ on Relaxed Hair Blog and was intrigued. Many YTers and bloggers alike have talked and also documented results about Bamboo Tea and I decided to try it. I love herbal and fruit teas and since starting a healthier choice journey I have been drinking them more often again so it wasn't going to be hard for me to add another variety.

I have been reading and viewing all the discussions about supplements for hair growth and health and I feel the Bam tea will be the best way for me to have a try at one of them. The hair,nail and skin vitamins that I got in costco sit unopened as I was br feeding at the time and the warning on the back spooked me. I have heard about break outs and reactions so just left them there... looking at me.
Biotin, hairfinity and mane thnigy all make me jumpy not to mention the later two are moneys soooooo..... I searched for bamboo tea which was a challenge all in itself. Every shop I asked in looked at me like I asked for some thing not nice....or imaginary... online searches were for US and the blog I saw it on was out of stock.
I was browsing for something on Amazon Uk and thought why not have a try - I found a couple of options, one was loose tea from a seller and one was tea bags fulfilled by amazon. I chose the bags, they were bamboo and nettle`- was worried about the fact its not plain bamboo but nettle is great for hair and health. The description in the listing and on the pack talks about silica etc so I know they know their stuff lol.

I'll do a post of a full review and results when the 30 days (plus few days for excuses ) are  over but I'm sure I notice a difference already oh and it tastes great... haaaaaa just remembered long and healthy saying it tastes like dirt in her video.

My other new hair challenge is to use my growth oil mix concoction every night.... ok backtrack...
I have already played with oil mixes for myself to replace my beloved hair grease for my scalp and to seal the moisture, and made some for friends and my mummy customised for their needs but I haven't thought about doing an oil mix specifically for growth... Until I kept reading and hearing about these wonder, miraculous, grow hair to your bum oils!!
Don't get me wrong, I would actually use a commercial oil for growth but how do you choose?? also which one would actually work?
I have heard great things about Virgin and Wild Growth for instance and they are easy to get in the UK so I would prob choose one of them to start with but I cant stand the smell of virgin... oh and the thick greasy feel..... I have heard that Wild Growth stinks also so nah, not gonna happen.... I have sensitive smell as it is and lots of stuff give me migraine.
As I have so many oils already I thought I'd give a growth concoction a try.

I had to put a generous amount of JMBCO in there, I have tried and tested this fabby oil and can testify of the claims working... I have told so many people about it and encouraged many to buy it so that was a no brainer..... I decided to use the rest of my current mix as a base as it already had my lavender petals in there so added the JMBCO to it..... then I went to work adding oils I felt would go well and then turned to my kitchen.... yes sah, kitchen goods turn hair concoction lol. I added what I felt would be great scalp/follicle stimulants and good for growth from reading and looking at other hair products.
I added some of my essential oils.... the funny thing is I purchased the right oils for hair benefits without even knowing it.... I have found that God has directed me to the hair products and oils that I need from the very start of my HHJ, I prayed from the beginning as my hair was in a baaaadd way and God has kept His word.

 So Growth Oil Concoction was made on Tuesday and I have used it every night so far, I use it in place of my JMBCO .... oooo that was a great challenge and I actually kept up with that, maybe dropped a few nights but deffo at least 5 days in a week and i have seen the fruit of my labour.... on my scalp and a little on the hair if it's dry.

It feels good so far, it does have a tingle at times and is very cooling on impact so lets see how it goes.

I'll do a 15 day challenge with it to see how it works and that will bring the finish in line with the Bamboo Tea.

The old challenges I have continued are:
Moisture and Seal nightly - done every night unless hair was well moisturised already
Cover head up nightly- done every night
DC every washday - done
JMBCO Challenge for edges nightly and scalp massages at least twice a week

My challenges for skincare has not gone well at all.... I'll have to sort that out next week.


  1. Great blog Peechy I can't stop reading. Looking forward to more please!

    1. Thaaaanks!! will try to keep them coming xxx


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