Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Catch UP- New Craving - Dominican Conditioners

 ugh, yet another catch up.... I have soooo many drafted posts that I start but dont get to finish... one day I'll be the organised all round wonder woman, but until then I'll be in training.


Following my Birthday Conditioner escapade, I have craved Dominican Conditioners. Like they were the best type of Chocolate Gateau ever baked.

The Aplanadora was - the - boombtastic! Arrggghhhh I want to keep it and use it all at the same time. I have used it twice now and wow, just wow.... only prob is where to get it. I'm gonna have to trek to Brixton as its the only place I know where to get it... online I can only see international places.

The atrActiva Multivitamin Deep Treatment was nice but not Fantastic, I think it might be cos I LOVE the Aplanadora so much. I'll see what it's like mixed with it, plus I tried it after a cowash and didn't let it sit as long as a wash day DC.

I have drooled over Youtube vids of people talking about Dom Condish's and have a list of some I want to try.

Silicon Mix still had a pull on me and I bit the bullet and ordered it from Amazon Uk it was £13 as I chose to purchase direct from Amazon rather than a seller.
Now I dont know if I was expecting a hair moment or something but.... and I hate to say this after lusting over it for over 6months but it wans't the wow result I was expecting. Dont get me wrong it was a great DC mix, but not as good as Aplanadora... in that it doesnt get my hair super smooth and super soft.

I'll I may add the Aplandora to the SM and Kanechom..... overkill?? maybe but I love mixup lol

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