Saturday, 11 August 2018

Testing Out brushes GRWM Video

Hiya!! Hope you're having a great day. I have uploaded a video testing out some of the brushes I was so grateful to receive.

I am so far out of my comfort zone as I haven't filmed make up play before. I do mostly hair and chatting videos but I had a lovely request and decided to have a go.
The video footage was sooooo long. I think it's because I haven't done a makeup video before and the house was so busy. My boys had various things to do and to go to so that added to the mayhem.

I have to say I enjoyed it, not professional by no means but fun. I was trying out the brushes so didn't mind and I didn't have anywhere to go so the finished look wasn't to important to me lol.

Anywayyyyy, hope you enjoy 😊