Thursday, 17 September 2015

Just Chatting.

Oh wow, so blogging during August was a flop!!
And now September is halfway gone. Ugh.... life is hectic right now and it is becoming difficult to find time for blogging, vlogging and all the social stuff I enjoy.

Anywayy.... I am coming along with nothing in particular to say but just a chit chat.

I have been "knee deep" in Summer Holidays shenanigans. The boys are full of energy and we have had fun going to the park, hosting sleep overs, celebrating birthdays, entertaining, and all kinds.

The middle two boys have had their hair cut!! I am soooooo sad, well not sad sad but mummy sad I didn't want them to get their hair cut I love the long plaits and the cute buns. I put it off as they may change their mind and it will but the older of the two has wanted it for so long that I knew he was serious. When we (or shall I say Dad) promised that he would be allowed to cut it in the summer holidays, he younger of the two saw his opportunity and secured the same promise.
They both look sooooo diferent and I am still not used to it. I must say it is easier with two less hairs to plait lol, especially for school times now I just spray some oil and brush.

I  have continued with my walking and have seen a difference in my general walking stamina. I love to walk and love the feeling I get. The only worry is that now the weather is very wet.

My hair is thriving and seemed to have grown well over the summer - I will do an update post soon.

Well I'll be off now. I have a couple of things to do before midweek fellowship. Hopefully I can start to blog regularly now. Bye for now xxx