Tuesday, 23 September 2014

1. Small Haul incl La Girl Pro Conceal

My First You Tube video!! whoooooop. Thanks so much for the requests, nudges and pep talks that gave me the push and confidence to start posting vids. I will try and do the requested videos soon. I need to get my time management sorted ahem.

I realise the sound is very low and I rambled (what's new lolol)

Catch Up - Colour FAIL!!

Yea title says it all actually it should say EPIC fail lolololol.

I hot footed it down to Tesco to pick up hair dye, looked at the colour chart at back and the colour looked ok so I picked it up. It said no need for lightening hair first as it had the developer or whatever soooooo we came home I prepared dinner for everyone and set about the dye job....... First off PHEWWWW what a chocking. strong smelling encounter!! I had to go outside on my front porch to dye my hair.... by this time it was past midnight!?!?! WHat on earth?!? What kind of hair dye-outside- after midnight madness is this? After all the shenanigans the hair didn't even budge...... GAHHHHH. So I decided to get some bleach the next day.

We were on a date that day and had some time in-between returning to the venue for standby tickets so decided to walk to a park and chill out. Welllll I spotted a Superdrugs on the way and popped in for the bleach.... easier said than done, I picked up lightener and a separate hair colour (plus I grabbed an Organix Argan oil on offer whoooopppp - my local has been out since the stinky keratin oil return - plus a couple items) and my eye glimpsed some spray colour so picked up a red can and a pink can - old school lololol. I sprayed some red colour at the bottom of my hair in the park and had flash back of a teen me spraying colour in my hair with my friends lolololol I loved the look.

Yea.... soooo the lightening did not work, and I left it on the hair for ages..... thennn it hit me the hair wasn't all "real" so can you even colour synthetic hair? er... nah!! hmmmmm so what a waste of time haaaaaaaaa if only I thought my wonderful ideas through lololol.

So that was that, the spray colour left itself on my clothes and made the hair kinda sticky and crunchy so that was that too.

Well no biggy, still like the unit but will change it for my Brazilian Hair quick weave when I take it down to wash my hair. I feel like softer hair and with waves instead of curls.

funny thing, when I took the hair out to wash my hair I could see red hues.... it must have been the "real" hair that was blended with the synthetic hair that got coloured....... hmmm

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Catch Up- Protective Style decision

Sooooooo....... I did decide to plait up my hair well.. I had made the decision to either twist or plait lololol, I do like the look of twists... I looked online for some inspiration and to look closer at crochet braids as I haven't done them before... plaits and twist extensions yes but I want the crochet braids to look nice. After searching I came across a couple of examples that used pre-plated hair! Whaa?! I can sort off remember pre-plated weave hair back in the day and wondering if there was plaiting hair too but I always looked right past it... and now its the most perfect thing for crochet braids!! The time that will be saved, whoooooop!!
With excitement I went searching online and in stores for some pre-plaited hair but SNAGGG I can only find it in US!! Its cheap as chips over there but shipping is a..... (insert appropriate, or inappropriate word lol) yea, its that bad.

The only thing half near it is dreadlock braids..... not gonna work.... I see people raving about marley hair as its kinda pre sectioned but it's a bit course for me...... plus costs nearly double than the cheapo braiding hair - gah!!

Well, I was in the store and after two workers looked at me like I had three heads and the last one who was helpful but not fruitful my eye glanced at some hair and caught the words "One pack" I looked closer and saw a really pretty ombre looking hair in a red and brown.... The pack was £15.99 and  came with 4 "bundles" of hair in 12, 16, 18,18 and 20 inches and what?? a free closure? - and yea it was a mix/blend of "real" and synthetic but.... the colour grabbed me and I had played with synthetic unit earlier this year so why nit try this?
I asked hubby and he was surprised that I had chosen the red colour, after confirming that it was red I chose he was very happy for me to get the red colour lolololol, I wanted a change and as I never have colour in my hair I wanted to have a go.
Soooo I grabbed the box, got some bits needed to turn it into a instant weave unit and paid.

Here's a "borrowed pic" of the hair pack:

I did all the day time stuff and in the night, I washed my hair and while it was airdrying I went to work on my unit.... I opened the box and GAHHHH!! The hair was all one colour!!! Gahhh..... What a nahnah I didn't even check the hair..... dohhhhh I just couldnt be asked to change it next day and  I had somewhere to go the day after...... dohhhhh I told hubby and he said to use it and he'd get me the red pack at the weekend... lololol see I told you he was feeling the red.

After all said and done, I made the unit and installed it. It's been a few months since I did this whole weave thing but it came out ok to me, the hair is nice, the closure is a little small and the "knots" aren't dyed, nor is the lace part so its a bit bait looking but hey it will do. I need to sort it out, will flatten it later and when I need to re sew it down I'll bring it forward. In the meantime I'll use my trusty JC headband.

Camerow pattern, Closure installed

Finshed results, Closure needs "flattening"

Sooooo... regarding the colour, I had the bright idea why not colour it?!That way I would save some of hubbys money, dye is cheaper than the hair pack right? And even though the store I got it from is on the pricey side so I'm sure its cheaper elsewhere, I'm sure I can do this dyeing stuff.... I used to dye my own and others hair back in the day and remember my studies and hair salon days.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Catch up - Still Twisted

OMYGOSH I am feeling these twists. I really want to plait up my hair now.

I'm still planning to do a long stint of protective styling to give my hair a rest. I actually remember that after the horid period that youngest was sick I had a very long protective style regime. I didn't plan on it BUT my hair absolutely thrived and that was when my hair had a big turn from getting back it's health to growing.

I would like to have a nice break from spending ages on my hair (a real transitioners struggle lolol) I really don't mind it but there's some days when I remember my relaxed lazy hair days, I would just fling my hair in a bun or ponytail and be done. If it was freshly relaxed id just comb it back and be out. Now I need to tame that bun lolol

Seriously I am so thankful for the thickness that I have gained. 

Sooooooo...... I am planning in plaiting my hair up but will probably go for crochet braids as it seems quicker and easier to take out. I have seen it done with preplaited hair and that had got to be the best thing ever!! How easy is that?
I'll look for some of that hair and that will be great.

Hmmmmmm went on an everlasting tangent my twists are now very tired and I've had to retwist some so I have had to be more inventive than just putting them up. I kind of gathered them in two sections at the front, flat twisted, left some out and gathered them to the side I love the results.
So quick to get ready with hair in twists. I went shopping with 2nd Son and met mummy at the mall as she was already there she loved the hairdo. I love impromtu meet ups with my mummy. We get to talk and have a laugh away from all the daily stuff. I should really make more proper days out with her, I love her company. The rain was falling but hey my twists were resilient to the wet and humid weather. 

Here's a little pic collage of the twist style: 

1) Twists have started to get quite messy. Section front into 2 stopping at ears
2) Slick some edge tamer on edges and brush gently to smooth fly aways and frizzies. Flat Twist right side section
3)Take 2 or 3 twists from front left side. Flat Twist the remaining. Put back section and twisted front sections into a bun or ponytail, use pins if needed.
4) Tuck the twists at the front around to the side.

1) Back section
2) Tie scarf to smooth down front. Decided to play with make-up.
3) Accesorise with hairband, Alice band etc. I let the front twists hang down slightly. Make- up look done.
4) Prefered the butterfly band more and tucked front twists tighter.

Had a little play with make-up. It's really funny how I really didn't wear any before this whole hair journey. I loved simple lipgloss and mascarra. I really enjoyed and still do applying it on others but not on myself. I still don't really wear much on a daily basis but I do like to have a play with looks and colour schemes. I also enjoy wearing it to church and special occasions.

This time I used my MUA eyeshadow  pallete in Undressed Too - a great Urban Decay Naked2 Dupe.
Benefit They're Real Mascarrra.
Eyeko Brow Gel
Bare Minerals Mineral Blush in Marvellous Mauve.
I wanted a nudeish lip colour but still some sparkle/shimmer so reached for my loved NYC Long Lasting Lipstick in Love My Latte(439)
I finished the look with my favourite, favourite bronzer Aymie B's Mineral Bronzing Powder.

Now I've twisted my hair I'm wondering if I should go for crochet braids or twists, hmmmm decisions.