Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Catch Up - Colour FAIL!!

Yea title says it all actually it should say EPIC fail lolololol.

I hot footed it down to Tesco to pick up hair dye, looked at the colour chart at back and the colour looked ok so I picked it up. It said no need for lightening hair first as it had the developer or whatever soooooo we came home I prepared dinner for everyone and set about the dye job....... First off PHEWWWW what a chocking. strong smelling encounter!! I had to go outside on my front porch to dye my hair.... by this time it was past midnight!?!?! WHat on earth?!? What kind of hair dye-outside- after midnight madness is this? After all the shenanigans the hair didn't even budge...... GAHHHHH. So I decided to get some bleach the next day.

We were on a date that day and had some time in-between returning to the venue for standby tickets so decided to walk to a park and chill out. Welllll I spotted a Superdrugs on the way and popped in for the bleach.... easier said than done, I picked up lightener and a separate hair colour (plus I grabbed an Organix Argan oil on offer whoooopppp - my local has been out since the stinky keratin oil return - plus a couple items) and my eye glimpsed some spray colour so picked up a red can and a pink can - old school lololol. I sprayed some red colour at the bottom of my hair in the park and had flash back of a teen me spraying colour in my hair with my friends lolololol I loved the look.

Yea.... soooo the lightening did not work, and I left it on the hair for ages..... thennn it hit me the hair wasn't all "real" so can you even colour synthetic hair? er... nah!! hmmmmm so what a waste of time haaaaaaaaa if only I thought my wonderful ideas through lololol.

So that was that, the spray colour left itself on my clothes and made the hair kinda sticky and crunchy so that was that too.

Well no biggy, still like the unit but will change it for my Brazilian Hair quick weave when I take it down to wash my hair. I feel like softer hair and with waves instead of curls.

funny thing, when I took the hair out to wash my hair I could see red hues.... it must have been the "real" hair that was blended with the synthetic hair that got coloured....... hmmm

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