Thursday, 11 September 2014

Catch up - Still Twisted

OMYGOSH I am feeling these twists. I really want to plait up my hair now.

I'm still planning to do a long stint of protective styling to give my hair a rest. I actually remember that after the horid period that youngest was sick I had a very long protective style regime. I didn't plan on it BUT my hair absolutely thrived and that was when my hair had a big turn from getting back it's health to growing.

I would like to have a nice break from spending ages on my hair (a real transitioners struggle lolol) I really don't mind it but there's some days when I remember my relaxed lazy hair days, I would just fling my hair in a bun or ponytail and be done. If it was freshly relaxed id just comb it back and be out. Now I need to tame that bun lolol

Seriously I am so thankful for the thickness that I have gained. 

Sooooooo...... I am planning in plaiting my hair up but will probably go for crochet braids as it seems quicker and easier to take out. I have seen it done with preplaited hair and that had got to be the best thing ever!! How easy is that?
I'll look for some of that hair and that will be great.

Hmmmmmm went on an everlasting tangent my twists are now very tired and I've had to retwist some so I have had to be more inventive than just putting them up. I kind of gathered them in two sections at the front, flat twisted, left some out and gathered them to the side I love the results.
So quick to get ready with hair in twists. I went shopping with 2nd Son and met mummy at the mall as she was already there she loved the hairdo. I love impromtu meet ups with my mummy. We get to talk and have a laugh away from all the daily stuff. I should really make more proper days out with her, I love her company. The rain was falling but hey my twists were resilient to the wet and humid weather. 

Here's a little pic collage of the twist style: 

1) Twists have started to get quite messy. Section front into 2 stopping at ears
2) Slick some edge tamer on edges and brush gently to smooth fly aways and frizzies. Flat Twist right side section
3)Take 2 or 3 twists from front left side. Flat Twist the remaining. Put back section and twisted front sections into a bun or ponytail, use pins if needed.
4) Tuck the twists at the front around to the side.

1) Back section
2) Tie scarf to smooth down front. Decided to play with make-up.
3) Accesorise with hairband, Alice band etc. I let the front twists hang down slightly. Make- up look done.
4) Prefered the butterfly band more and tucked front twists tighter.

Had a little play with make-up. It's really funny how I really didn't wear any before this whole hair journey. I loved simple lipgloss and mascarra. I really enjoyed and still do applying it on others but not on myself. I still don't really wear much on a daily basis but I do like to have a play with looks and colour schemes. I also enjoy wearing it to church and special occasions.

This time I used my MUA eyeshadow  pallete in Undressed Too - a great Urban Decay Naked2 Dupe.
Benefit They're Real Mascarrra.
Eyeko Brow Gel
Bare Minerals Mineral Blush in Marvellous Mauve.
I wanted a nudeish lip colour but still some sparkle/shimmer so reached for my loved NYC Long Lasting Lipstick in Love My Latte(439)
I finished the look with my favourite, favourite bronzer Aymie B's Mineral Bronzing Powder.

Now I've twisted my hair I'm wondering if I should go for crochet braids or twists, hmmmm decisions.

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