Sunday, 31 August 2014

Catch Up - Twisting we twisting

Gahhh I've fallen off the posting again.

Summer Holidays is keeping me busy lol.
Just a quick post about my revisit to twists. I was sitting watching tv one evening while waiting for the hubster to get in from a late shift. I decided to M&S earlier than normal so I could give him my undivided  attention *blush* 
I detangled and started moisturising and twisted the front of my hair to see how it had grown. I must have done them smaller than the last time because they looked nice and I just impulsively decided to twist all my hair. I finished M&Sing and clipped my hair in sections and got to twisting, whooooahhh my hair has gotten thick!! I had noticed that my sectioning has sometimes needed to be smaller but didn't put the two together. I'm loving the thickness.
Anywhoooo hubby came home and I had a tiny bit left to twist and he loved it! Awwww gotta swoon at a supportive guy.
He was surprised that I twisted it up so fast.

I really line the look and can't wait till the relaxed ends are all gone so the twists don't unravel.

They don't last that long but let's see how long I can keep them in. I plan on M&Sing as usual just with less product.

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