Wednesday, 27 August 2014

More Holiday Talk

I am really enjoying our annual holiday, we've been in the pool almost everyday and it's really lovely spending time together having fun.

It's making me really look at myself more, I should really start going swimming with them back home but I am not brave enough YET.

My hair is more fuzz than plaits, I re did the very front two as they were crying for mercy, I'm wondering if there's been some growth too as the hair is moving away at the roots as well as the plaits themselves. Maybe it's enjoying all the water and condish? The free hair is incredibly soft and I'm hoping the dreaded moisture overload won't revisit!!
I'll be sure to give it some protein when I get back.

I've been loving preparing lovely meals for the family and today we had healthy BBQ kebabs and skewers, chicken, beef and prawns, coconut rice was requested so I made a few healthier changes and whipped up a pot, yumm!!
I can't wait till God blesses us with a bigger home with room for a dinning table.

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