Sunday, 17 August 2014

Holiday Prep

I spent a week trying to decide what to do to protect my hair from the chlorine, sun, sea, sand and holiday abuse.
I decided plaits would be the best bet as my unit stopped me from reaching my scalp when I was in Dubai. It also took ages to dry. It was great for waft I needed but itchy.
Plaits would mean I could wash, moisturise and seal with ease.
I love to go swimming when holidaying as I feel soooo free and hey, no ones gonna see me again.

I thought about crochet braids.
As it happens one of the YouTubers I sub to did an in depth set of vids on crochet twists with perimeter box twisted!!
I didn't want to spend very long on the plaits as it's only for a week. I decided to do a few rows of cameroes with braiding hair to the side so I could wear it in a side plait or bun. I'm deffo thinking about crochet braids for protective styling after hols as I want to put my hair away - that's another post altogether lol - it took not too long to do but I was very tired as I had to do Son 2's hair and pack, and stuff that needed to be done, it was light outside when I finished and went to sleep.

Hubster was impressed when I got up and he saw my hair - SCORE lololol 

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