Monday, 18 August 2014

Holiday Hair Maintenance.

Although I don't love the fuzzies. I love that I don't have to spend ages styling in the mornings! Also at night I can M&S very quickly.

I knew i'd be washing my hair a lot maybe even daily but didn't want to strip and dry out hair so cowashing would be the one. I planned on using Hello Hydration, but during a trip to Superdrug I spotted Ausie Moist's Beach Mate line, the 3 min recon jumped out at me, I have the moisture one which I love so grabbed Beach mate one. It was on offer too - Result!

I also saw they had specials on Organix Whoooooop love that brand! The store was a small one so they didn't have a big range I reached for the Argan serum and the Keratin Serum. Yoyyy!! The keratin went straight back, the smell!! Balk!! It reminded me of something I hate but couldn't grasp quite what, it smelt like sick (sorry tmi) the Argan on the other hand was great! - will review later.

I packed the Beach Mate, Argan Serum, ORS edge tamer, bonnet, flexirods, scrunchies, pins and hair ties in my hol hair bag and ran back for my Organix coconut milk anti breakage serum as I wanted to give my hair as much help as possible. (What was I thinking? No moisturiser, No leave in?!!) I planned on bringing an oil blend but forgot.

I didn't get time to plait sons 3 and 5 hair so planned on doing them while here so packed Leave in, detangler and moisturiser for them - Thank God!! - I am soooooo glad I did as I am using them on my hair.

Each Night I M&S. (If I've been swimming, I go straight to moisturiser stage as it's already been conditioned.) if scalp dry I use the Rapeseed Oil from the kitchen as I left my oil blend. Soooooo glad I wanted to use that for cooking lolol
I cover with bonnet, I flexirod if I want curls the next day.

In the morning I use the Argan Serum and edgetamer on edges and front plaits and style plaits.

After Swimming. Cowash with Beach Mate, put more condish on hair then leave for about 3 mins then rinse.
Wrap hair in towel for 5 mins and blot. 
Put Argan Serum through hair and wrap up. When it's almost dry I take towel off I don't have a vest or tshirt here to use in place of towel and really feel the difference :(
I let air dry till nighttime and do nightly routine.

My hair is feeling a little dry so I'll oil rinse when I cowash next.

I am liking the simplicity of plaits, it's been around 14 years since I had plait extensions! I am feeling them but as there's only a few plaits it looks odd down so I mostly side bun or plait, I'm really thinking about putting some in when I get back.

I am a little worried that my hair will be unhappy from all the swimming, sea air and general hol abuse, I'll put a plan in action for my wash day when I get back, I'll deffo clarify, but will prob do a protein treatment too to give it some strength, I'm thinking of plaiting up but want to assess it first after I wash it to see what's what.

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