Tuesday, 5 August 2014

No Comb Challenge - and low manipulation.

Have you ever done something or said something that led on to something that you didn't expect or intend but ended up being a great thing that you couldn't believe you didn't do or say it before?
That's what got me to my next challenge.
I know I'm always sprouting challenge this and challenge that but I do get bored with my hair at times and I also look at what I can do to better certain issues and find challenges motivate and inspire me.

Weeeellllll...... As I mentioned before the summer weather has my hair kind of dry at times and deffo frizzy and I find I have to use more gel than I would like when styling in buns/ponytails to combat shrinkage/heat/melt/frizz etc. I have been using flat twists in the front of my head more so I don't need to use too much gel and have to fight the frizz. I also actually like the look of them so that helps, I tuck the ends into the low buns and off I go.

Thursday night I undid the flat twist and saw how lovely it had set my hair. My past braid and twist outs haven't been too pretty but I loved the look of it this night so I decided to have another go, this time I didn't do it in four sections but flat twisted from top to bottom all around, maybe around 8 in total.
I used Hairliciouis on my scalp, Dove leave in conditioner,  my new Organix Curl Definer as my moisturiser(I'm really liking it so far and will review when I've used more), Ceramide rich Oil blend (grapeseed, starflower, vitamin E, enriched coconut, jmbco) to seal. I used a little bit of aloe vera gel for hold.

I LOVED the results the next day, my best twist out to date! I didn't like my hair out really so left side fringe and popped rest in a high bun, tucking in the edges. The bun was soooo full.

Please excuse the cartoon caption, the photo cut in a funny place and nose part looked weird

That night, I didn't want to comb out the curls, which I've had to do in the past as the curls didn't get defined in the first place and didn't last all day. This time the curls were singing at me so I moisturised and sealed in four sections withouht combing and bantu knotted.

Saturday my hair looked lovely and more importantly felt sooo soft and moisturised. I didn't even have to use moisturiser to help style. The front fringe was mooshed up so I brushed the root area only, trying to avoiding messing up the curls and put my hair in a high bun. The curls in the bun made me smile so I didn't tuck the ends in. I styled without a comb again and that got me thinking about the whole finger detangling and how I've wanted to try solely finger detangling for a whlie after reading and watching bloggrs/vloggers who don't comb during the week.
I decided to do the same that night, I was umming and ahhing as I had church next day and didn't want to go with my hair messy. I decided to just go with it so followed the same process as previous night and went without the comb. I needn't have worried about messy church hair as my hair was behaving after bunning I tied a scarf around to keep it sleek. Took the scarf off on the way to church and all was well lololol.

I thought why not "twist out" till wash day so I set my hair in flat twists again on Sunday night as it started to look a bit scraggly. I used a comb for the first time in a couple days, I finger detangled in four sections then combed smaller section to twist, I then swapped it for my denman and carried on with that. This time round I bantu knotted the ends of the flat twists.
The results were fab! I had lovely side fringe again and curly bun. I left the ends out and used a little Eco Styler Argan Gel to loosen and define the curls a little.
Two wispy curls escaped the bun as I didn't use scarf to tie down edges - I didn't want to flatten my fringe and I liked the soft look to the bun - so I pinned them up.

OOoooo those curls!

I will follow same process of no comb, M&S and bantu knotting at night untill tuesday evening when I'll prep for wash day.

soooooo a simple hairstlye led to a more elaborate one which led to a challenge annnnd low manipulation styling all round whoooopppppp.

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