Thursday, 30 July 2015

What? Over a month has gone?

Erm...... I really cannot have been away for over a month!! but the blog post date doesn't lie.

Life has been hectic to put it lightly. There's been so many things going on. Some great and some sad, some crazy and some boring but I'm here and my household are too so I give God thanks for that.

We've had Surgeries and a Bereavement which was very stressful and sad.
We've had new beginnings and parties, convention and a concert. ... oooooo and an Engagement!! whoooppp so happy for the lovely couple.

one of my top walks in one go
I have been taking part in JumpstartJuly which was a challenge to cover 5k "your way" I chose walking and have been doing great, I split my walks in two and I actually surprised myself as at the start I really didn't think I would do it but some days I excelled the 5k. I can tell the difference in my stamina and I feel kind of healthier. It also seemed to make my eating habits and choices much better. My water intake was good but I seem to have slipped a bit lately so will get that sorted sharpish.

Love the colour (please excuse my heat rash)
I put my hair away on a whim, I know I had been uhmming and ahming but one day I just did it and chose this reddish/burgundy/Mahogany colour which I surprised hubby with. I wanted my usual brown colour but the shop guy talked me into this and I don't know where the confidence to wear this colour came from haaaaa I just told myself it's a nice summer colour and went with it. I got some lovely compliments which is always nice,

Teachers Gifts
The end of term meant teachers gifts and I was so glad I had some coloured images from my Anya Teacher Stamp and a Tilda Stamp because I can't find my Anya and Magnolia stamps for the life of me!! We still have boxes screaming to be unpacked and my craft bits are all over the place.
I used the images to personalise some notebooks and put them in a gift bag along with a co-ordinating pencil, 4 ink pen, a girlie eraser, 2 choccies and a bottle of nail varnish. The Tags went onto the gift bags.
These were for Mello's Teachers and Assistant.

For Kylo I put a Yankee Candle Sampler and Kokolicious Face Mask Mix in a gift bag for his Teacher, Head Teacher and Assistant Head.
As he's leaving he asked me to get something for his classmates so I made sour cream container type packs and put either a mini bouncy ball or slinky inside. (wish I took pictures but it was late)

Summer Holidays are in full effect and I have a house full of energy full boys and sometimes a friend lol. I'm trying to come up with fun stuff but to be honest I have been using this week to catch up on much needed rest and chores. Next week will be the start of fun time for sure.

I'm also thinking of taking part in August Vlogging (can't remember the actual name) where I vlog each day...... I am thinking realistically though as I don't think I will get in front of a camera for long enough if at all with the boys around so I'm considering blogging each day instead.... oooer, even that may be a push but hey I can only try, I'll give it a good go as I've been away for so long.

Well the time is getting late.... who am  I kidding, it's gone late ;)  so I'll finish this catch up post here xxx