Monday, 26 January 2015

Natural Monday

Brown Sugar Scrub

For the past year or so, I have been loving using, making and browsing natural products and items made from them.

 I thought it may be nice to share my enthusiasm as a weekly blog post and since Mondays can be draggy I may as well try and lively up myself.

At the weekend I was asked about some natural remedies and recommended a mask and scrub which prompted me to give myself an all over exfoliating treatment I enjoyed it soooo much and my skin felt soft and was bright, so today I will talk about sugar scrubs.

Sugar Scrubs are great for Exfoliating, Brightening, Softening and Smoothing the skin. You can make them gentle enough to be used on the face and lips.

You can use different types of sugar but I recommend Brown Sugar if you have sensitive skin as the grains are softer.

If you want to lighten dark spots, lips, areas etc or if you have acne or scarring or a breakout, a great scrub can be made with Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice and Honey.

If you have dry skin and/or patches, want to have a brightening boost and extra smoothness, mix up a batch of Brown Sugar, Oil of your choice - I recommend Almond, Coconut or Grapeseed - and Honey.

You can add Essential Oils if you desire but if you are Pregnant, Breastfeeding, have very sensitive skin or any underlying conditions I would not recommend them or do thorough research into safe oils and definitely consult your doctor.

If using the Lemon Juice, I would suggest that you only mix enough for one batch as the lemon can cause the scrub to go rancid after a while. The Scrub with oils lasts for a very long time - up to a year, just make sure you put it into a clean airtight container and use a clean spoon to remove the scrub and not your fingers. Add vitamin e oil to further preserve and utilise it's fantastic benefits too.

Brown Sugar Scrub

Apply the scrub to your skin and gently rub in a circular motion, this will remove dead skin, exfoliate, stimulate circulation and smooth the skin. Rinse the scrub of the skin or jump in the shower if on your body, or relax in the bath for a lovely spa like feeling.

Gently dry your skin by patting, not rubbing. You will notice a difference to your skin straight away and may need to stop yourself from stroking it :) Your face will have a nice glow and your skin will look brighter.
Moisturise your skin with a natural oil, I used Virgin Coconut oil which is a fantastic multipurpose oil with great moisturising properties.

After my all over Scrub, my legs felt smooth and my face was nice and soft. I took a picture for the blog and it was so clear it surprised me. My face felt clean and fresh and I didn't want to put any makeup on to lose the fresh feeling so left it bare. I smoothed some handmade lip gloss on my lips and walked around feeling lovely. I received such a nice compliment later in the day that made me feel 10 feet tall.

Straight after applying Virgin Coconut Oil
Handmade Lip Gloss

Have a try at making and using a Sugar Scrub, your skin will thank you lol, let me know if you give it a go.

Catch Up - Playing with Layers.

Last week, I knew that I would be taking my hair out and washing it before starting out with my second stint of my Protective Styling Challenge so I decided to have a play with layering my extensions.
I put my hair in sections and started with the top two on either side of my face, I started cutting lower than I wanted the layers to be just in case - you can cut more if needs be but you can't add the hair once it's cut lol- I checked the length every time I cut until it was were I wanted it.
I moved to the bottom layers and split them into two more sections, the first sections I lared with the top ones and the second sections I just trimmed down so the length wouldn't be too long and look odd with the layers. I tried to feather the ends rather than bluntly cut.

I was happy with the results, not 100% perfect but nice enough to walk around with lol I tried to find some pictures of the hair before I cut it but I could only find some blurry ones:

Before - Hair in it's "natural" state
Before - Hair Straightenend/ flat ironed

Here's the hair after layering, I loved the way it framed my face and will deffo layer again when I do another protective style.

After - hair layered

I did enjoy wearing the Janet Collection hair, the tangling was a lot but I was really happy with the look of the hair once I detangled it. Setting the hair on flexi-rods was great and when I didn't use them I made sure I plaited/braided the hair up at night and it was good in the morning.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Small January Sales Haul.

Hubby and I went on a Date a couple of weeks ago and went to one of the malls we love. I had some Christmas money saved for the January Sales so took advantage of the generous offers lol.

Yayy!! I finally found pre-twisted hair!!!

Whoooohoooooo!!! I am soooooo happy that I found pre-twisted hair. I have been searching high and low for either pre-twisted or pre-plaited/braided hair for my crochet braids. I wanted to plait my hair up again but sheeesh!! It took aaaaages before and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. The only place I could find them was online from America and the shipping was not worth it at all..... I thought I may as well get my act together and twist or plait some hair in advance but where would I find a spare moment lolol...... I thought I found some plaited hair but it was so fine, I'd need trillions of packs and I wasn't sure how it would fall on the cornrows/camerows/canerows.

Then Sunday gone, I had a kind of feeling to go to a certain shop to see if they had any {{nice price}} hair for the next stint in my Protective Styling Challenge. I saw some good packs but decided to have a look at the plaiting hair... I don't even know why as I was planning on making a sew in unit ...... I came across the packs of dreaded/loced hair and was huomming because every shop gave me false hope with dreaded hair but everytine I asked, they didn't have plaited hair - or even know what I was on about lol - then my eye caught one pack of twisted hair.... but it wasn't roght and I tried to find someone to ask if they had any others..... no one was about... then I turned my head and aaawwwwwwwwww *harps playing* I saw a whole drop filled with packs of TWISTED HAIR!! Whoooooppppp they even had a reddish colour. I hadn't budgeted much for the shop so could only pick up 4 packs (2 each of brown and burgundy) and a pack of plaiting hair to twist my perimeter. I'm thinking I can always go back this week if I need more and use this weeks budget.

I can't wait to try them out and am airdrying my hair as I type(wash day post to come)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Decenber Faves

Finally!!!! lol

I've been editing the videos here and there when I have had a chance and have finally managed to edit and upload my faves for December and of course my new love, Shea Moisture Coconut&Hibiscus is included :) :

Getting Organised.

I have been trying to get myself organised..... well actually I've been trying for years ahem.
I know that when I used to make my lists and plans it was fab, I didn't doulble book and/or forget stuff but I have slowly stopped making them. I want to start making them again but want to kick them up a gear, I have been watching, reading and browsing through vlogs, blogs, pins etc on getting organised and have seen planners, organisers, charts and a whole load of other stuff which have seriously grabbed my attention.

Being a crafter at heart I have a truckload.... ok maybe a shipload of crafting bits and bobs that I can use instead of buying organiser kits.

Since we moved I am trying to keep on top of the house chores and cleaning and will deffo make a planner to keep on top of that. There is no way I'm falling back into bad habits that got me stuck in a horrid place at the old house.

I didn't even know there was a world of organising out there!! Oh I am getting sucked in and I love it :)

2014 Faves - Beauty and Miscellaneous

Here are the Beauty and Miscellaneous items that I was loving during 2014;

Beauty Part 1:

Beauty Part 2:


Homeschooling - new at this.

Sooooo this homeschooling lark is alot to get my head around.
Am I doing it well? Am I engaging? Am I doing enough? Am I teaching enough? That's just the start of all the questions swimming around my head. I want to make sure I'm doing right by Melly.

I do feel that Melly is doing well at home. Much better than the way he's been for the last months... or years if I'm totally honest. I look at him while he's learning and listen to him putting himself down when he gets things wrong. I can only assume it's the way he's been made to feel at school. I have so much anger towards the school and some of the teachers but that is not going to help Melly or help him to progress so I am trying to let go of the anger, hurt, frustration etc and concentrate on making things better.

The buses were on strike on Tuesday, well the bus drivers were and we had an extra homeshooler for the day lol.

I really want to find some homeschool groups in the area so Melly can have some social time with his peers. I didn't think to get the contact details for his school friends and he misses them so much. It breaks my heart when he says he misses them. He had such great relationships and it was lovely to see them hugging him whenever I dropped him off or collected him.

 It's amazing how many resources there are online to help teach children, and so much fin too. I am sure we'll get into the swing of things very soon.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

2014 faves - Hair part 2

Part 2 of my fave hair products for 2014.

This video looks at Gels, Edge Tamers, Serums, Oils and tools.

Monday, 12 January 2015

2014 Faves - Hair part 1

Here's the first part of my Fave Hair products for 2014!

This video showcases the shampoos, conditioners, leave ins and moisturisers that I loved during the year.

Protective styling refresh

I am in the middle of a protective style jaunt and am missing my hair already. It's about 2 and 1/2 weeks. I am aiming on leaving my hair in for 4 weeks, then taking it out and washingmy hair then putting it away for another 4 weeks.... phewww not sure if I can do it.

The front of my hair was looking a little messy and I noticed I had to use a lot of the edge control to smooth it down. The closure also looked like it needed "tightening" so last night I took the hair down, re plaited the perimeter canerows/cornrows/camroes moisturising  with Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hold and Shine and Curl Enhancing Smoothie and sealing with Enriched Grapeseed Oil as I went. I also oiled my scalp with Hairlicious.
I was amazed at how soft and well moisturised my hair was when I un-did the plaits. That SMC&H stuff is fab!!

I sewed the unit back on and set the hair on flexirods for church the next morning.... well it ended up being very late so more like for later *blush*
I have to say I am impressed with the look of the hair. Being synthetic I was sceptical of how long it would last but I do remember using synthetic hair alot back in the day as a teen when I couldn't afford more with my pocket money lol.

Here's the packs of hair. The bundle pack was on special offer whoooop. I thought it wouldn't be enough so I picked up a pack with two coloured bundles they didn't have the exact same texture but it was close enough:

Janet Natural Brazillian Bundle and Weaving Net

I decided to try a weaving net instead of a dome cap as it was quite hot last time. I don't know which one I prefer to be honest. I did like the dome cap with holes before but the nets are thinner so look flatter but then they don't last as long.

I love the colour and it reminds me of the natural colour you get from using henna:

lovely colour!

The top and closure are 1b and the bottom is the lovely red colour so it has a kind of ombre effect.

When I first made the unit the hair was a tangled mess and I didn't even want to put it anywhere near me but I threw leave in and Silicon Moisturiser at it and it tamed it right down lol.

I do like the hair but it gets tangled very easily and sheds like crazy but I did expect that, with it being synthetic and all. I just set it up at night and keep it moving.

I'm thinking about getting a curly style for the next round after I wash my hair..... hmm not sure though.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Hair Journey Tips - Conditioners for moisture.

The next video in the HHJ Tips series. 

One of the most important ways I add moisture into my hair is with Conditioners.I use conditioners for Deep Conditioning treatments, pre-poos (pre shampoo treatments), cowashing (conditioner cleansing) and also as rinse out conditioning.

I show my fave Conditioners for each section with small reviews on each in this video.


This week sees the start of Homeschooling for our 7 year old.

He has been going through a terrible time at school. Without going into too much detail here, he has been treated poorly (I really wanted to use a string of different words here but I'm trying to exercise self control lol)
We have gone through what seems like a nightmare time and after the last straw have taken him out of the school. He left at the end of the term before Christmas. He is happy to leave the school but not his friends. While we are looking into a school near our new place, I will be homeschooling him.

I NEVER would have thought I would be a homeschooling mum..... I have gone through sooo many changes in the last year or so and have become a different person in so many ways.

I had so many preconceived ideas but after much research am at a different place.

I want my son to be happy, that's the long and short of it and he was far from happy at school. I saw his whole character change to a sad, unhappy, tearful boy.

It is a HUGE change to get used to - for both of us - and I am learning as I go. It's been 3 days so far and we're still getting into the routine of things. The youngest is also getting used to sharing me in the daytime.... I can't say he's too impressed lol.

I have had to really look at how I organise my day and it will deffo be a work in progress to get everything done and in some kind of order (haaaaaaaa what is that again?)

Blogging has been one of the back burner stuff but I'm sure I can work it into my day if I try.

I am enjoying the new change but it is very tiring. I'm hoping to find some bloggers who homeschool so I can get info etc.

Monday, 5 January 2015

"New Year, New Rule"

Picture borrowed from web

When I was growing up, mummy would always, and I mean always, without a fail start the New Year by saying "New Year, New Rule" about a kerzillion times.... any time someone would do something not to her liking she would tell us off and LOUDLY cry the phrase. I mean for about 10 days after the New Year started.

It used to drive me crazy..... then when I left home it became a joke. I even laugh about it with hubby.
It's one of those funny family sayings that becomes legendary.

I have actually secretly adopted it to look forward to the New Year and set goals, plans and challenges to achieve throughout the year.
This year is no different and I am determined to make this year a great year for achieving.

I will put some goals in black and white so I can look back and evaluate my progress.
For easy reading I will put them into catergories.

Spiritual Life
Continue and complete study on Nehemiah.
Step out of my comfort zone.
Expand on the teaching about Prophetic Worship.
Draw closer to God.
Step into the promises God has made to me.
Expand in my ministries.
Be obedient to God's instructions.

Continue to unpack and work on each room.
Keep up with the cleaning and tidying plans/schedules.
Get a dressing table and set it up.
keep my home open to visitors

Continue to make myself available for each of the boys.
Ensure the boys feel loved always.
Be more patient.
Have more "Mummy and ......" days where I spend the day or part of it with each boy seperately.

Date more.
Be more patient.
ensure hubby feels loved by me always.
Spend more time together.
Pray together more.

Continue to live a healthier lifestyle.
Join and go to new Gym closer to new home.
Work on loving myself even if I haven't become what I want to look like.
Keep taking vitamins.
Drink more water daily.
Workout more.
Eat sensibly.

Continue with HHJ.
Make efforts to achieve 6 inches or more hair growth by the end of the year.
Continue to transition to natural.

Continue to work on website.
Find ways to reach customers.
Sell at at least 2 street/farmers markets by the end of July.
Hold at least 4 events by the end of July.

Work on ways to fight the "black cloud"
Have strategies in place to keep the "black cloud" from keeping me locked in.
Finally get rid of the broken and lost little girl inside.

Whoooooaaaa that's a lot of goals but I really feel that they are attainable.
I will start to make monthly goals to ensure they are being met and include challenges as usual to keep me motivated.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Healthy Hair Journey Tips - Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

One of the biggest tips I learnt on this HHJ is how important moisture is to not only length retention but keeping your hair healthy.

I go in depth here in the next instalment of my HHJ tips video:

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christmas season baking

I think I must have baked more over the past week than I have for the past few months!

Along with the Christmas Eve baking frenzy I baked some Gingerbread in a star shape for our lovely Church Sister on boxing day, she generously invited us over as we moved into the area. Being a big family it really is humbling and I am always so grateful to be invited over as a family and she fed us too lol, it was scrumptious and we were also well watered. I baked the Gingerbread while I got ready and it was still warm when I handed it to her, she was so surprised and appreciative.

My eldest requested some more Star Ginger Cookies and as I had some more of the left over dough and icing in the fridge I rustled some up on the day after boxing day.
The boys enjoyed them very much, they didn't even notice the wholemeal flour I added lol.

I also had requests for mince pies which I made while the cookies were baking.

We had a bag of carrots left over from our mega veggie shop so I baked a carrot cake on Monday.... hmmm or was it Tuesday? my days have gotten all mixed up with the holidays lol. I used coconut oil and margarine instead of butter and added wholemeal flour too. I am trying to make the goodies healthier than "normal" treats.

All the baking has given me he baking bug again. I think the lack of space and low mood kept it at bay but it's back in droves. I have to be careful though as the baked goods are very tempting and I have a loooong way to go to shift this chub for good. I will continue to swap not so great ingredients for better ones.

Happy New Year!!

Wowwwweeeee!! Where did the end of December go? It was a whirlwind end I tell you.

2014 was quite a year, hectic, hard, fun, exciting, sad, happy...... down times and enthralling times.
Rollercoaster doesn't even come close.
I am glad to close the door on 2014 and looking forward to a new year. I am excited by the new opportunities it will bring and also the good times. I am sure there will be difficult times to come, but I am sure God will help us through it.

I have learnt so much about myself over the last year and have changed so much. It is amazing. I am glad God showed such loving kindness towards me and allowed me to grow as a person and change my life for the better. I know there's still a ways to go in all areas of my life but I am willing to keep up with the self improvements.

I will continue to set goals and challenges to keep me motivated and focused.

Our family is going through some changes that I am thinking about documenting here but I'm not sure how personal to get on this blog. My old blog was VERY personal and one of the reasons why I made a clean break and started this one. But I can't help it lol, I get into a ramble and end up deleting the over personal bits.
I thought this blog would mainly be a place to document my HHJ but I miss the versatility of my old blog where I just blogged and I have learned from past efforts that trying to maintain more than one blog at a time doesn't work for me. hmmmmm I'll see over the next few days what to do blog wise. I can always make use of tabs and labels to organise the blog a bit.

With all that being said I would like to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year!! May this year bring Love, Joy, Peace and Growth. I pray God's many blessings to you and your families. May He grant you favour xxx