Monday, 26 January 2015

Natural Monday

Brown Sugar Scrub

For the past year or so, I have been loving using, making and browsing natural products and items made from them.

 I thought it may be nice to share my enthusiasm as a weekly blog post and since Mondays can be draggy I may as well try and lively up myself.

At the weekend I was asked about some natural remedies and recommended a mask and scrub which prompted me to give myself an all over exfoliating treatment I enjoyed it soooo much and my skin felt soft and was bright, so today I will talk about sugar scrubs.

Sugar Scrubs are great for Exfoliating, Brightening, Softening and Smoothing the skin. You can make them gentle enough to be used on the face and lips.

You can use different types of sugar but I recommend Brown Sugar if you have sensitive skin as the grains are softer.

If you want to lighten dark spots, lips, areas etc or if you have acne or scarring or a breakout, a great scrub can be made with Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice and Honey.

If you have dry skin and/or patches, want to have a brightening boost and extra smoothness, mix up a batch of Brown Sugar, Oil of your choice - I recommend Almond, Coconut or Grapeseed - and Honey.

You can add Essential Oils if you desire but if you are Pregnant, Breastfeeding, have very sensitive skin or any underlying conditions I would not recommend them or do thorough research into safe oils and definitely consult your doctor.

If using the Lemon Juice, I would suggest that you only mix enough for one batch as the lemon can cause the scrub to go rancid after a while. The Scrub with oils lasts for a very long time - up to a year, just make sure you put it into a clean airtight container and use a clean spoon to remove the scrub and not your fingers. Add vitamin e oil to further preserve and utilise it's fantastic benefits too.

Brown Sugar Scrub

Apply the scrub to your skin and gently rub in a circular motion, this will remove dead skin, exfoliate, stimulate circulation and smooth the skin. Rinse the scrub of the skin or jump in the shower if on your body, or relax in the bath for a lovely spa like feeling.

Gently dry your skin by patting, not rubbing. You will notice a difference to your skin straight away and may need to stop yourself from stroking it :) Your face will have a nice glow and your skin will look brighter.
Moisturise your skin with a natural oil, I used Virgin Coconut oil which is a fantastic multipurpose oil with great moisturising properties.

After my all over Scrub, my legs felt smooth and my face was nice and soft. I took a picture for the blog and it was so clear it surprised me. My face felt clean and fresh and I didn't want to put any makeup on to lose the fresh feeling so left it bare. I smoothed some handmade lip gloss on my lips and walked around feeling lovely. I received such a nice compliment later in the day that made me feel 10 feet tall.

Straight after applying Virgin Coconut Oil
Handmade Lip Gloss

Have a try at making and using a Sugar Scrub, your skin will thank you lol, let me know if you give it a go.

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