Monday, 5 January 2015

"New Year, New Rule"

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When I was growing up, mummy would always, and I mean always, without a fail start the New Year by saying "New Year, New Rule" about a kerzillion times.... any time someone would do something not to her liking she would tell us off and LOUDLY cry the phrase. I mean for about 10 days after the New Year started.

It used to drive me crazy..... then when I left home it became a joke. I even laugh about it with hubby.
It's one of those funny family sayings that becomes legendary.

I have actually secretly adopted it to look forward to the New Year and set goals, plans and challenges to achieve throughout the year.
This year is no different and I am determined to make this year a great year for achieving.

I will put some goals in black and white so I can look back and evaluate my progress.
For easy reading I will put them into catergories.

Spiritual Life
Continue and complete study on Nehemiah.
Step out of my comfort zone.
Expand on the teaching about Prophetic Worship.
Draw closer to God.
Step into the promises God has made to me.
Expand in my ministries.
Be obedient to God's instructions.

Continue to unpack and work on each room.
Keep up with the cleaning and tidying plans/schedules.
Get a dressing table and set it up.
keep my home open to visitors

Continue to make myself available for each of the boys.
Ensure the boys feel loved always.
Be more patient.
Have more "Mummy and ......" days where I spend the day or part of it with each boy seperately.

Date more.
Be more patient.
ensure hubby feels loved by me always.
Spend more time together.
Pray together more.

Continue to live a healthier lifestyle.
Join and go to new Gym closer to new home.
Work on loving myself even if I haven't become what I want to look like.
Keep taking vitamins.
Drink more water daily.
Workout more.
Eat sensibly.

Continue with HHJ.
Make efforts to achieve 6 inches or more hair growth by the end of the year.
Continue to transition to natural.

Continue to work on website.
Find ways to reach customers.
Sell at at least 2 street/farmers markets by the end of July.
Hold at least 4 events by the end of July.

Work on ways to fight the "black cloud"
Have strategies in place to keep the "black cloud" from keeping me locked in.
Finally get rid of the broken and lost little girl inside.

Whoooooaaaa that's a lot of goals but I really feel that they are attainable.
I will start to make monthly goals to ensure they are being met and include challenges as usual to keep me motivated.

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