Thursday, 15 January 2015

Homeschooling - new at this.

Sooooo this homeschooling lark is alot to get my head around.
Am I doing it well? Am I engaging? Am I doing enough? Am I teaching enough? That's just the start of all the questions swimming around my head. I want to make sure I'm doing right by Melly.

I do feel that Melly is doing well at home. Much better than the way he's been for the last months... or years if I'm totally honest. I look at him while he's learning and listen to him putting himself down when he gets things wrong. I can only assume it's the way he's been made to feel at school. I have so much anger towards the school and some of the teachers but that is not going to help Melly or help him to progress so I am trying to let go of the anger, hurt, frustration etc and concentrate on making things better.

The buses were on strike on Tuesday, well the bus drivers were and we had an extra homeshooler for the day lol.

I really want to find some homeschool groups in the area so Melly can have some social time with his peers. I didn't think to get the contact details for his school friends and he misses them so much. It breaks my heart when he says he misses them. He had such great relationships and it was lovely to see them hugging him whenever I dropped him off or collected him.

 It's amazing how many resources there are online to help teach children, and so much fin too. I am sure we'll get into the swing of things very soon.

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