Monday, 26 January 2015

Catch Up - Playing with Layers.

Last week, I knew that I would be taking my hair out and washing it before starting out with my second stint of my Protective Styling Challenge so I decided to have a play with layering my extensions.
I put my hair in sections and started with the top two on either side of my face, I started cutting lower than I wanted the layers to be just in case - you can cut more if needs be but you can't add the hair once it's cut lol- I checked the length every time I cut until it was were I wanted it.
I moved to the bottom layers and split them into two more sections, the first sections I lared with the top ones and the second sections I just trimmed down so the length wouldn't be too long and look odd with the layers. I tried to feather the ends rather than bluntly cut.

I was happy with the results, not 100% perfect but nice enough to walk around with lol I tried to find some pictures of the hair before I cut it but I could only find some blurry ones:

Before - Hair in it's "natural" state
Before - Hair Straightenend/ flat ironed

Here's the hair after layering, I loved the way it framed my face and will deffo layer again when I do another protective style.

After - hair layered

I did enjoy wearing the Janet Collection hair, the tangling was a lot but I was really happy with the look of the hair once I detangled it. Setting the hair on flexi-rods was great and when I didn't use them I made sure I plaited/braided the hair up at night and it was good in the morning.

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