Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christmas season baking

I think I must have baked more over the past week than I have for the past few months!

Along with the Christmas Eve baking frenzy I baked some Gingerbread in a star shape for our lovely Church Sister on boxing day, she generously invited us over as we moved into the area. Being a big family it really is humbling and I am always so grateful to be invited over as a family and she fed us too lol, it was scrumptious and we were also well watered. I baked the Gingerbread while I got ready and it was still warm when I handed it to her, she was so surprised and appreciative.

My eldest requested some more Star Ginger Cookies and as I had some more of the left over dough and icing in the fridge I rustled some up on the day after boxing day.
The boys enjoyed them very much, they didn't even notice the wholemeal flour I added lol.

I also had requests for mince pies which I made while the cookies were baking.

We had a bag of carrots left over from our mega veggie shop so I baked a carrot cake on Monday.... hmmm or was it Tuesday? my days have gotten all mixed up with the holidays lol. I used coconut oil and margarine instead of butter and added wholemeal flour too. I am trying to make the goodies healthier than "normal" treats.

All the baking has given me he baking bug again. I think the lack of space and low mood kept it at bay but it's back in droves. I have to be careful though as the baked goods are very tempting and I have a loooong way to go to shift this chub for good. I will continue to swap not so great ingredients for better ones.

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