Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Yayy!! I finally found pre-twisted hair!!!

Whoooohoooooo!!! I am soooooo happy that I found pre-twisted hair. I have been searching high and low for either pre-twisted or pre-plaited/braided hair for my crochet braids. I wanted to plait my hair up again but sheeesh!! It took aaaaages before and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. The only place I could find them was online from America and the shipping was not worth it at all..... I thought I may as well get my act together and twist or plait some hair in advance but where would I find a spare moment lolol...... I thought I found some plaited hair but it was so fine, I'd need trillions of packs and I wasn't sure how it would fall on the cornrows/camerows/canerows.

Then Sunday gone, I had a kind of feeling to go to a certain shop to see if they had any {{nice price}} hair for the next stint in my Protective Styling Challenge. I saw some good packs but decided to have a look at the plaiting hair... I don't even know why as I was planning on making a sew in unit ...... I came across the packs of dreaded/loced hair and was huomming because every shop gave me false hope with dreaded hair but everytine I asked, they didn't have plaited hair - or even know what I was on about lol - then my eye caught one pack of twisted hair.... but it wasn't roght and I tried to find someone to ask if they had any others..... no one was about... then I turned my head and aaawwwwwwwwww *harps playing* I saw a whole drop filled with packs of TWISTED HAIR!! Whoooooppppp they even had a reddish colour. I hadn't budgeted much for the shop so could only pick up 4 packs (2 each of brown and burgundy) and a pack of plaiting hair to twist my perimeter. I'm thinking I can always go back this week if I need more and use this weeks budget.

I can't wait to try them out and am airdrying my hair as I type(wash day post to come)

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