Thursday, 15 January 2015

Getting Organised.

I have been trying to get myself organised..... well actually I've been trying for years ahem.
I know that when I used to make my lists and plans it was fab, I didn't doulble book and/or forget stuff but I have slowly stopped making them. I want to start making them again but want to kick them up a gear, I have been watching, reading and browsing through vlogs, blogs, pins etc on getting organised and have seen planners, organisers, charts and a whole load of other stuff which have seriously grabbed my attention.

Being a crafter at heart I have a truckload.... ok maybe a shipload of crafting bits and bobs that I can use instead of buying organiser kits.

Since we moved I am trying to keep on top of the house chores and cleaning and will deffo make a planner to keep on top of that. There is no way I'm falling back into bad habits that got me stuck in a horrid place at the old house.

I didn't even know there was a world of organising out there!! Oh I am getting sucked in and I love it :)

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