Thursday, 29 June 2017

...... All Done!!......

Whoooopppp Whooooppppp

wheeeewwww weeee and Yayyyyyyy!!

Ok, cheering over lol.

The bathroom took a little while longer than usual due to the hectic phase and busy days causing me to have a longer stretch between deep cleans but it went along well and I feel much better now it's done.

Mello was fast asleep so I tried not to make too much noise while cleaning.

Kitty came to "help" me clean  and also chase a spider lol.

My phone battery was very low so I didn't listen to any music while cleaning the bathroom but I hummed and sang as I worked.

Bathroom Cleaning Items:

Broom, Dustpan, Mop as before
Costco Cleaning spray (will add name)
Cleaning Flannel
Microfibre Cloth
Scrubbing Brush
Bath and Shower Gel - Faith Tear Tree and Lemon

::Bathroom Hacks ::
*I use the dish scrubbing brush with the white scrubbing head to clean my shower incl the doors, sink, tiles and mirror. I fill the liquid compartment with bath and shower gel and use my spray to clean with (today I used the Costco spray)
The scrubbing brush is fabbbbb!!!
*Spirit/White vinegar is amazing in the bathroom great for the windows and mirror and freshening the plug holes/drains.

I'm having a quick break. Drinking the rest of my tea and having a little bit of day old baguette - oh the life lololol.

I'll bring the mats from the bathroom and WC to was as well as kitty's food mat, put the washed clothes to dry and fold the dried clothes......

Then it's get dinner sorted and get ready for mid week fellowship project.

Thanks for "keeping me company" during my cleaning.

Please let me know if you have any cleaning hacks or tricks and any Song suggestions to listen to while I clean. Have a great day xxx

.....Short Pit Stop :) ....

Downstairs is now done, whooo hoooo!!

I also washed kitty's food and water bowls (I must remember to wash the upstairs water bowl when I go back down), put his food mat to wash and filled the bowls.

I made a peppermint and fennel tea with a little honey to refresh me and soothe my throat (hay fever, allergies, and what feels like a summer cold is attacking) and a quick toilet break (tmi??? Probably)
And it's bathroom cleaning time!!

Poor Mello is taking another nap bless him.

Towel folding, rubbish sorting, tidying surfaces, emptying and cleaning bin, washing toothbrushes and flannels, sweeping, cleaning the shower, mopping, cleaning sink and toilet(yukkk).

My phone battery is on 10% gahhhhh


Phewwww that was a mini workout!!

WC and Litter Tray Music -
Satisfied - Walls Group
Old Rugged Cross - Marvin Sapp
Here Is My Worship [feat, The Cry] - Jaye Thomas
Brighter Day -  Kirk Franklin
Who You Were - Travis Grene
Empty Me - William Murphy

WC all done!!  As it's quite a small area it doesn't take that long I also have to sweep it daily to remove the dry kitty litter that's kicked out.
There's lots of tiles in there but they clean down easily enough.

I change the litter tray every few days, more regularly in the summer and hot weather as I find it gets smelly much more quickly.

WC Cleaning items -
Hard Broom - Poundland
Dustpan and Brush - Ikea
Mop and Bucket - as before
Mopping water/liquid - as before
Microfibre Cloth - I use many different brands, today's is from Mighty Pound
Kokolicious Multipurpuse spray
  For the toilet -
Toilet duck
Cleaning spray from Costco (will put name in)

Litter Tray Items -
Litter Tray - Poundland - I had a tesco one in the eraly days but its low and the litter and stuff (bleugh) would get kicked out too much. The poundland one is nice and high. I need to replace it soon but I dont see any in my local stores.
Kokolicious Multipurpose Spray - I like to use natural stuff for kitty
Carex antibacterial wash.
Kitty Litter Scoop - Tesco - as part of their starter kit.
Scrubbing brush - Had for so long I can't remember where I got it from or the brand.
Plastic bags on a roll - Poundland.
Kitty Litter - I use all different brands, I'm trying to find one I really like.... there have been some real bad ones. I have been using the Coshida Fullers Earth one from Lidls. I used the very last bit of it just today and I probably wont be buying it again which is a shame because the price was great.

::Kitty Litter Hacks/Tips::
*Use plastic bags with handles - it makes it so much easy to tie the bag up when done and keeps all the smell inside the bag.
*Place the plastic bag in the sink, you can use the surface area to dispose of the yucky litter and also have your hands free to do so easily.
*Use a face mask if you need to. It becomes a must in really hot days for me (baulk)
*Use the scoop to push the yucky litter in the bag, and to swish around the tray.
*sweep up the drooped litter before tying the bag... sounds obvious but the amount of times I forget    lol.
*Place the tied bag onto the door handle while cleaning the tray - it keeps it off the floor and acts as a reminder when leaving the room... I have forgotten the bag in the room soooo many times lol, I'll be like "what's that smell??"..... "Ohhhhhh"
*Use a round scrubbing brush that has a compartment for holding cleaning liquid meant for dishes to get into the corners of the tray, I don't put liquid in it but the height allows my hands to stay far away from the yuck lol
*After cleaning, ensure to dry the tray thoroughly - I use a microfibre cloth only used for this to dry it off.

Now to wash the dishes and clean the cooker.... then that will be it for downstairs :)

....WC Time....

Mopping all done!!

Mopping Music - 
Magnify His Name - Chevelle Franklyn
I'll Keep Running - Todd Dulaney
Identity - James Fortune & Fiyah
Something About The Name Jesus - Kirk Franklin

I also wiped down the cupboards, folded dried clothes, put wet clothes in dryer and another load to wash phewww.

Now to do the downstairs toilet... or WC lol
Sweep, mop, clean tiles and sink and also the toilet (yukkkk)

I'll empty, clean and change the litter tray as well.

... mopping ...

Wow!! That took longer than planned, lots of hidden "dust bunnies" and miscellaneous objects. I deffo built up a sweat there.

Sweeping Music -
Try Jesus - Fred Hammond
Great Is Your Love - Walls Group
Your Love Wins - Marvin Sapp
I Will Exalt [feat. Amanda Cook] - Bethel Music

A bag full of recycled rubbish(including the waste from the projects)  and 2 dust pans of rubbish later it's now time for mopping. I boiled some more water to make the mop water hot.

 mopping items -
mop - string type from Poundland - I used to have a spin mop but SOMEONE broke it....
Mop Bucket - Spin Mop.... without the spinning bit as SOMEONE broke that too (are you noticing a pattern)
Mop Water Liquid - boiling hot water, essential oils (this time around I used Tea tree, eucalyptus, orange, clary sage, rosemary and geranium) Baking soda and Apple cider vinegar (I use either acv or spirit/white vinegar) a little washing up liquid (this time it was Fairy apple) - I normally use Dr Bronners but have run out.

::Mopping Hacks::
*I use a scrubbing Brush with a handle meant for dishes to tackle extra grimy bits or stuck on bits... when you have a house full of boys it's amazing what you can found stuck on the floor **shudder** .. and some of my Kokolicious Multi purpose spray.
*I re used the water from the condenser in the dryer to save on water.

.. mummy break ..

That part all done.....

Eggs frying with a little onion salt, cracked black pepper and mixed herbs.

Mello woke from his nap so I stopped to get him so lunch, he wanted fried egg and bread so I decided to fry some up for Kay and Hubby while I had the frying pan out lol. - another side note.... hubby was complaining that the pan always sticks when he uses it..... no wonder seeing as SOMEONE decided to either scrub the non-stick coating off or use metal ore something on it!! Gahhhhh- my good good frying pan. I actually purchased it to replace the one SOMEONE ruined gahhhh!!!

Anywhooo back to the cleaning.

I LOVE to listen to music while I clean. I enjoy Gospel music as it keeps me uplifted and happy when doing chores that I hate to even think about (esp. toilets!! bleugh) and up beat when I actually want to moan about what somebody has left for me to do etc.
I use Amazon Music and use playlists. I like to listen to their stations as I get to hear new music and also reacquaint myself with oldies but goodies.

Now to pick up all the bits and pieces on the floor **blush** and sweep up, I'll do the downstairs passage at the same time.

Clean With Me....

hiya!! I have to do a bathroom, toilet, kitchen and dinning room Deep Clean blitz and thought I'd blog for added motivation and also a way to get blogging more.

I am using my phone so please excuse any typos etc.
{{sidenote, why did the blogger app get removed?? 😫}}

I have gotten behind on my chores as it's been hectic here so it will take a little longer than usual. Also Mello is home sick today so I'll be looking after him as well.
We have been working on science fair projects so I have added fun of cleaning up spilt paint to add to the daily grime.

Okay.... enough procrastinating- in with the cleaning.

Kitchen & Dinning Room
Firstly I  like to fill the sink with dishes and washing up liquid so they can soak while I'm cleaning - however I did the dishes last night so there's not many (Yayyy for me lol)

For small amounts of dishes I just fill my washing bowl, wash the dishes, place them on the side as I wash and then rinse.
If there is a lot of dishes, I fill the bowl with cold water, fill the sink with washing water and the dishes and as I clean them, I use the bowl to rinse as I go.... this makes the chore quicker and also takes into consideration that there wont be space on the side for me to hold the dishes before I rinse them.

Washing Up Items -
Washing Bowl - Had for a while, I cannot remember where I purchased it although I will be getting a new one soon as I notice slight wear and tear.
Washing up liquid - I use different types, today its Fairy apple.
cleaning brush - Poundland and waitrose. I bought a few and use the handles and replaceable heads from both stores as they both fit each other. (its the same type as the one shown in the bathroom picture except I use the green scrubbing heads for the dishes).

::Dishes Hacks::
* I love to use the cleaning brushes that have the scrubbing heads on them, they clean so well and the handle makes it easy to clean in cups etc. The great thing about these are that the handle holds some cleaning liquid soooo handy.
* I used to add some bleach to my cleaning water ( it's something I inherited from my mother) but when I stopped using bleach a few years ago I always had the niggling feeling that I needed something... it might be all in my head though as I choose Washing up liquids with antibacterial properties.... Now when I want to add a little extra, or for items that were strong fragranced I use a little Tea Tree oil in the water. 
I also use my Kokolicious multipurpose spray for greasy or burnt dishes and pans.

Next I normally boil the kettle for the mop water and put a washing load on and place any clothes that may have been in the washing machine, into the dryer - Today I put a load on while I had my breakfast and put the clothes that were in the washing machine into the dryer - so this will be the next lot of loads.
I re used the water from the condenser in my dryer for the mopping water, its warm and also saves on using water.
ahem - excuse my foot lol.

Clothes Washing Items -
Non Bio Washing Powder - I use different brands but at the moment its Persil. Non-Bio is a must for mine and a couple of the boys sensitive skin and a eczema.
Kokolicious softner