Thursday, 29 June 2017

.. mummy break ..

That part all done.....

Eggs frying with a little onion salt, cracked black pepper and mixed herbs.

Mello woke from his nap so I stopped to get him so lunch, he wanted fried egg and bread so I decided to fry some up for Kay and Hubby while I had the frying pan out lol. - another side note.... hubby was complaining that the pan always sticks when he uses it..... no wonder seeing as SOMEONE decided to either scrub the non-stick coating off or use metal ore something on it!! Gahhhhh- my good good frying pan. I actually purchased it to replace the one SOMEONE ruined gahhhh!!!

Anywhooo back to the cleaning.

I LOVE to listen to music while I clean. I enjoy Gospel music as it keeps me uplifted and happy when doing chores that I hate to even think about (esp. toilets!! bleugh) and up beat when I actually want to moan about what somebody has left for me to do etc.
I use Amazon Music and use playlists. I like to listen to their stations as I get to hear new music and also reacquaint myself with oldies but goodies.

Now to pick up all the bits and pieces on the floor **blush** and sweep up, I'll do the downstairs passage at the same time.

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