Thursday, 29 June 2017

...... All Done!!......

Whoooopppp Whooooppppp

wheeeewwww weeee and Yayyyyyyy!!

Ok, cheering over lol.

The bathroom took a little while longer than usual due to the hectic phase and busy days causing me to have a longer stretch between deep cleans but it went along well and I feel much better now it's done.

Mello was fast asleep so I tried not to make too much noise while cleaning.

Kitty came to "help" me clean  and also chase a spider lol.

My phone battery was very low so I didn't listen to any music while cleaning the bathroom but I hummed and sang as I worked.

Bathroom Cleaning Items:

Broom, Dustpan, Mop as before
Costco Cleaning spray (will add name)
Cleaning Flannel
Microfibre Cloth
Scrubbing Brush
Bath and Shower Gel - Faith Tear Tree and Lemon

::Bathroom Hacks ::
*I use the dish scrubbing brush with the white scrubbing head to clean my shower incl the doors, sink, tiles and mirror. I fill the liquid compartment with bath and shower gel and use my spray to clean with (today I used the Costco spray)
The scrubbing brush is fabbbbb!!!
*Spirit/White vinegar is amazing in the bathroom great for the windows and mirror and freshening the plug holes/drains.

I'm having a quick break. Drinking the rest of my tea and having a little bit of day old baguette - oh the life lololol.

I'll bring the mats from the bathroom and WC to was as well as kitty's food mat, put the washed clothes to dry and fold the dried clothes......

Then it's get dinner sorted and get ready for mid week fellowship project.

Thanks for "keeping me company" during my cleaning.

Please let me know if you have any cleaning hacks or tricks and any Song suggestions to listen to while I clean. Have a great day xxx

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