Thursday, 29 June 2017


Phewwww that was a mini workout!!

WC and Litter Tray Music -
Satisfied - Walls Group
Old Rugged Cross - Marvin Sapp
Here Is My Worship [feat, The Cry] - Jaye Thomas
Brighter Day -  Kirk Franklin
Who You Were - Travis Grene
Empty Me - William Murphy

WC all done!!  As it's quite a small area it doesn't take that long I also have to sweep it daily to remove the dry kitty litter that's kicked out.
There's lots of tiles in there but they clean down easily enough.

I change the litter tray every few days, more regularly in the summer and hot weather as I find it gets smelly much more quickly.

WC Cleaning items -
Hard Broom - Poundland
Dustpan and Brush - Ikea
Mop and Bucket - as before
Mopping water/liquid - as before
Microfibre Cloth - I use many different brands, today's is from Mighty Pound
Kokolicious Multipurpuse spray
  For the toilet -
Toilet duck
Cleaning spray from Costco (will put name in)

Litter Tray Items -
Litter Tray - Poundland - I had a tesco one in the eraly days but its low and the litter and stuff (bleugh) would get kicked out too much. The poundland one is nice and high. I need to replace it soon but I dont see any in my local stores.
Kokolicious Multipurpose Spray - I like to use natural stuff for kitty
Carex antibacterial wash.
Kitty Litter Scoop - Tesco - as part of their starter kit.
Scrubbing brush - Had for so long I can't remember where I got it from or the brand.
Plastic bags on a roll - Poundland.
Kitty Litter - I use all different brands, I'm trying to find one I really like.... there have been some real bad ones. I have been using the Coshida Fullers Earth one from Lidls. I used the very last bit of it just today and I probably wont be buying it again which is a shame because the price was great.

::Kitty Litter Hacks/Tips::
*Use plastic bags with handles - it makes it so much easy to tie the bag up when done and keeps all the smell inside the bag.
*Place the plastic bag in the sink, you can use the surface area to dispose of the yucky litter and also have your hands free to do so easily.
*Use a face mask if you need to. It becomes a must in really hot days for me (baulk)
*Use the scoop to push the yucky litter in the bag, and to swish around the tray.
*sweep up the drooped litter before tying the bag... sounds obvious but the amount of times I forget    lol.
*Place the tied bag onto the door handle while cleaning the tray - it keeps it off the floor and acts as a reminder when leaving the room... I have forgotten the bag in the room soooo many times lol, I'll be like "what's that smell??"..... "Ohhhhhh"
*Use a round scrubbing brush that has a compartment for holding cleaning liquid meant for dishes to get into the corners of the tray, I don't put liquid in it but the height allows my hands to stay far away from the yuck lol
*After cleaning, ensure to dry the tray thoroughly - I use a microfibre cloth only used for this to dry it off.

Now to wash the dishes and clean the cooker.... then that will be it for downstairs :)

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