Thursday, 29 June 2017

Clean With Me....

hiya!! I have to do a bathroom, toilet, kitchen and dinning room Deep Clean blitz and thought I'd blog for added motivation and also a way to get blogging more.

I am using my phone so please excuse any typos etc.
{{sidenote, why did the blogger app get removed?? 😫}}

I have gotten behind on my chores as it's been hectic here so it will take a little longer than usual. Also Mello is home sick today so I'll be looking after him as well.
We have been working on science fair projects so I have added fun of cleaning up spilt paint to add to the daily grime.

Okay.... enough procrastinating- in with the cleaning.

Kitchen & Dinning Room
Firstly I  like to fill the sink with dishes and washing up liquid so they can soak while I'm cleaning - however I did the dishes last night so there's not many (Yayyy for me lol)

For small amounts of dishes I just fill my washing bowl, wash the dishes, place them on the side as I wash and then rinse.
If there is a lot of dishes, I fill the bowl with cold water, fill the sink with washing water and the dishes and as I clean them, I use the bowl to rinse as I go.... this makes the chore quicker and also takes into consideration that there wont be space on the side for me to hold the dishes before I rinse them.

Washing Up Items -
Washing Bowl - Had for a while, I cannot remember where I purchased it although I will be getting a new one soon as I notice slight wear and tear.
Washing up liquid - I use different types, today its Fairy apple.
cleaning brush - Poundland and waitrose. I bought a few and use the handles and replaceable heads from both stores as they both fit each other. (its the same type as the one shown in the bathroom picture except I use the green scrubbing heads for the dishes).

::Dishes Hacks::
* I love to use the cleaning brushes that have the scrubbing heads on them, they clean so well and the handle makes it easy to clean in cups etc. The great thing about these are that the handle holds some cleaning liquid soooo handy.
* I used to add some bleach to my cleaning water ( it's something I inherited from my mother) but when I stopped using bleach a few years ago I always had the niggling feeling that I needed something... it might be all in my head though as I choose Washing up liquids with antibacterial properties.... Now when I want to add a little extra, or for items that were strong fragranced I use a little Tea Tree oil in the water. 
I also use my Kokolicious multipurpose spray for greasy or burnt dishes and pans.

Next I normally boil the kettle for the mop water and put a washing load on and place any clothes that may have been in the washing machine, into the dryer - Today I put a load on while I had my breakfast and put the clothes that were in the washing machine into the dryer - so this will be the next lot of loads.
I re used the water from the condenser in my dryer for the mopping water, its warm and also saves on using water.
ahem - excuse my foot lol.

Clothes Washing Items -
Non Bio Washing Powder - I use different brands but at the moment its Persil. Non-Bio is a must for mine and a couple of the boys sensitive skin and a eczema.
Kokolicious softner

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