Thursday, 29 June 2017

.....Short Pit Stop :) ....

Downstairs is now done, whooo hoooo!!

I also washed kitty's food and water bowls (I must remember to wash the upstairs water bowl when I go back down), put his food mat to wash and filled the bowls.

I made a peppermint and fennel tea with a little honey to refresh me and soothe my throat (hay fever, allergies, and what feels like a summer cold is attacking) and a quick toilet break (tmi??? Probably)
And it's bathroom cleaning time!!

Poor Mello is taking another nap bless him.

Towel folding, rubbish sorting, tidying surfaces, emptying and cleaning bin, washing toothbrushes and flannels, sweeping, cleaning the shower, mopping, cleaning sink and toilet(yukkk).

My phone battery is on 10% gahhhhh

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