Thursday, 29 June 2017

... mopping ...

Wow!! That took longer than planned, lots of hidden "dust bunnies" and miscellaneous objects. I deffo built up a sweat there.

Sweeping Music -
Try Jesus - Fred Hammond
Great Is Your Love - Walls Group
Your Love Wins - Marvin Sapp
I Will Exalt [feat. Amanda Cook] - Bethel Music

A bag full of recycled rubbish(including the waste from the projects)  and 2 dust pans of rubbish later it's now time for mopping. I boiled some more water to make the mop water hot.

 mopping items -
mop - string type from Poundland - I used to have a spin mop but SOMEONE broke it....
Mop Bucket - Spin Mop.... without the spinning bit as SOMEONE broke that too (are you noticing a pattern)
Mop Water Liquid - boiling hot water, essential oils (this time around I used Tea tree, eucalyptus, orange, clary sage, rosemary and geranium) Baking soda and Apple cider vinegar (I use either acv or spirit/white vinegar) a little washing up liquid (this time it was Fairy apple) - I normally use Dr Bronners but have run out.

::Mopping Hacks::
*I use a scrubbing Brush with a handle meant for dishes to tackle extra grimy bits or stuck on bits... when you have a house full of boys it's amazing what you can found stuck on the floor **shudder** .. and some of my Kokolicious Multi purpose spray.
*I re used the water from the condenser in the dryer to save on water.

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