Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Catch up - Post Holiday Treatment.

What a wonderful family holiday we had!!! It was such a pleasure to spend time together as a family and having low stress, low bother.

My hair however was happy to be home and pleaded for some TLC.

My head scarfves saved me from fuzzy plait shame. I put my small one on on one day at the front, and then travelling back I put my trusty orangey silk one on the whole of my head and had plaite the cameroes into two:

In the night that we arrived home, I took my hair out of the cameroes and detangled with my beloved Knot on my watch. Supprisingly there wasn't much shedding. My hair felt great, no straw in sight lololol. The back of my hair felt amazing!!! Soft, light and moisturised I know it was from all the cowashing. I'm really considering taking the time to cowash in between wash days again and see how that goes.

I used Hairlicious on my scalp and EVCO through my hair, I was very generous with it as I wanted to get a really good overnight treatment.

Next day I clarified with ORS creamy aloe shampoo and put on a protein condish mix, I had a squirt of Organics hair mayonnaise so added that to some Queen Helene Colestrol and Motions oil moisturiser silk protein conditioner.

The queen Helene is very thick and didn't  mix very well but the mix was deffo usable - if a bit weird looking - 
My hair did feel slightly hard when I applied it and I didn't want to comb it through or section it so just put a shower cap on.
I left it on for about 30 mins and rinsed it off and blotted hair.
My hair felt strong but a teeny tiny bit dry.

I rinsed with Coffee and Cinamon tea I loooove the coffee rinses lolol.

I removed the excess and put on my deep condish mix this time round I wanted a really moisturising blend so went for Silicon mix, Aplanadora, and a big amount of the yummy Kanechom Karite and a healthy squirt of my ceramide oil blend. I detangled in four sections, loosely winding them up and tucking ends in placing a soft hair band around each bump ..... I cannot remember if I mentioned this before but I can't use my flexi rod trick anymore when sectioning for DC anymore whooooop my hair is growing but Whawhawhaa, I need to find a new trick.....
I used the new conditioning cap- it looks like gold foil on outside and silver foil inside, meant to boost head/body heat - and tied a scarf around it for double heat and to stop water neck dribbles 😝

I left it on for a good few hours and rinsed off. I did notice that my hair wasn't as soft and light as it normally would be so the protein treatment really did a great job. 

ACV rinsed blotted and then ran some EVCO through. Wrapped hair up in oversized vest and let it dry for a while.

Applied my leave ins - Dove conditioning spray, oiled scalp with Hairlicious, moisturised with....  arrgggghhh can't remember which mousturiser I used, either macadamia nourishing leave in cream or profective mega growth daily leave in strengthner, sealed with Organix Coconut milk anti breakage oil.

Threaded up and off to bed. Whooooo a long wash day but very satisfying.

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