Friday, 2 May 2014

CATCH UP - Wash Day - Branded edition.


This is a catch up post that was drafted in March


Branded edition? Well two weeks ago I decided I wanted to be free from my Hair Extension unit. I've been wearing it forever! Ok slight exaggeration but it feels like forever as I went back-to-back from Feb washing my hair then plaiting it up next day and sewing on my unit. I felt my hair needed a long break after the hospital stay left my hair abandoned and mistreated.

It really did my hair good and I had planned to keep putting it away but I became bored and felt my extensions were becoming too much a part of me aannnnd my head was HOT, the long hair was also becoming tiresome.

I wanted to feel my own hair and see how much regrowth I had. I also was itching to see how much growth I had retained so wanted to use my straighteners, I was very curious to see how straight my hair would get with all that regrowth.

I decided that as I had purchased some fairly high end products over the months why not do a wash day with the high end stuff to see if they really made a difference. I purchased the products for so much less than retail and/or special offers I was secretly smug.  I was itching to use my new elasticizer so I grabbed that along with my Super Brand shampoo and leave ins and excitedly swished to the bathroom.

My deep conditioner mix was the same as I really haven't purchased high end versions.... I'm just so happy with the mix that I just haven't grabbed any... I've been tempted but my shea butter kanechom is soooo yummy lol.

soooooo into the wash we go.

I had doused my hair with EVCO overnight

I wet my hair and applied the elastisizer - WOWEE I now believe the hype!! I am reserving full starjumps until I have used it a few mre times but it looks like I'll have to start saving for when it finishes.
Put a plastic cap on and let it sit for about 20 mins.

Shampooed wth S     Shampoo I found in Tk maxx. I have been looking for an non sulphate shampoo, this one has essential oils in too.
It feels very..... cloggy... like hard, I didn't expect a non sulphate shampoo to be so harsh, but my hair felt squeaky clean.

After rinsing with water I tea rinsed with my Enriched Tea Rinse and DC'd with a mix of Nuaat Silicon, Kanechom Karite, Organix Macadamia masque, coconut oil and essential oil blend.

Fast forward to Leave Ins.......
Its a 10 leave in.
Curly Kids Moisturiser
Joico Split End Mender
Coconut oil.

Banded hair in 4 sections and let air dry over night.

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