Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogmas with DOASAHM - Day 9

Brrrrrrr It deffo is winter here, the weather has dropped and the promise of snow can be felt in the air. I don't do well in the cold, I tend to shut down and talk in one syllable grunts. My dislike of frosty temperatures is a household joke - not funny to me but hilarious to the *men* in my life.
The strangest thing is that I love to play in the snow .... for a little bit.... and swaddled up like a baby - hat, scarf, jacket, sweater, leggings and trousers - making snowmen. As soon as the cold starts to seep in though, I'm back in the warmth with a hot drink.

borrowed from internet

I don't like to wear socks normally but in the cold of winter they are my number 1 winter must haves.
When I go outside I wear thinish ones so I don't get the *bunched up* feeling, however, when I'm inside I go for the fluffier kind. I love the novelty ones, penguins,rudolphs... noses and bells.

Crocheted by my lovely MIL

Warm Blankets are  must have number 2. I love snuggling on the settee with a warm blanket all cosy and ...well... warm.
One of the boys will always try and get under with me and if I leave the blanket unattended it will get nabbed, no matter how pink or girly it is.

Scarves on my head, shoulders.... across my legs.

Must Have number 3 is Scarves or Pashmina's. I love to wear them on my head in the cold weather. To keep my hair protected. I wrap them around my neck and over my shoulders to keep the chills out and can often be found with one across my legs..... can you tell cold weather is not my friend? lol

Handmade Salve
Handmade Mini Lotion Bars

Must have number 4 is my handmade butters, salves and bars for my hair and skin. The cold weather plays havoc with my hair and skin, making them dry. My hair gets brittle and starts to break and my skin gets sore and chaffed. Indoor heating and air conditioners add to the dryness so I reach for rich butters and emollients to soothe and moisturise.
All the family use the goodies and I actually whipped up some Shea,cocoa and coconut butter this afternoon as comanded requested last night by hubby and eldest.

My joint 5th must have is lovely hot drinks and a yummy holiday scented candle.
From juicy fruit teas, frothy coffee drinks to naughty hot chocolate. Winter calls for them all. . Each Christmas I treat myself to a Starbucks Holiday Drink, either an  eggnog latte or a gingerbread latte.
I have a slight cup fetish and this is my latest, a ceramic starbucks coffee tumbler - it was on offer at sainsbury's and jumped into my basket.
I do love candles all year round but when it's winter and leading up to Christmas I love to burn the holiday scented ones - cookie, spiced, berries..... the warm glow and gentle heat keeps me feeling warm and the sweet smell fills the room. The one pictured is "cookies for santa" I wish I picked up two because it will soon be finished...... I feel a candle haul coming on.

I'm off to have a nosey at everyone's winter must haves now......


  1. Ooh, would love to know more about your handmade salves and butters!

    1. :) let me know which in particular and I can do a post xxx

  2. What is it about kids and taking blankets? LOL My kids will take mine too if I am not careful. I am also a candle person in winter. There is just something about having a candle burning that makes the house just seem that much more warmer.

    1. lol, kids and blankets for sure. No matter how many of their own they have, they still take mine. yesss candles make the place warmer, please tell my hubby :)

  3. I had to laugh about the snow because I am the same way, love to play in it for about 10 minutes and then I'm ready to get back inside where it's warm LOL

    I too would love to hear about your homemade butters and salves, the shea and coconut sounds amazing :)

    1. :) snow play in short doses.
      I'll do a little post re:butters and salves

  4. I love your list & second Helen's request for info on moisturizing salves!! ;)

  5. Great list - staying warm is the most important part of winter!


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