Thursday, 4 December 2014

Stretching My Roots.

Soooooo, I did in fact try stretching my roots with cool air last wash day and while I did like the ease of styling it gave me, and the fact that I could finish up my wash day in the night rather than overnight I'm not sure if it was better cool dry or air dried.

I think it was better in the case of it being good for me to get on with other stuff and not as bunched up the next morning but it was still a little on the dry side in the morning.

I did enjoy having my hair nice and stretched. I may well try another rollerset as I've seen some videos where ladies have stretched their hair by using rollers both with indirect heat and without.

hmmmmmm. Maybe I'll try it again but I'm now on the look out for a method or product that will make my hair feel moisturised after a wash day. Like maybe a great leave in. I used my Mazuri Olive Oil Softening Mud during the week and it was great for keeping my hair nice and soft but it does have a greasy feel to it.

I have been using the pure Shea Butter that my lovely friend bought back from Ghana and that has been delightful!! seriously, it's miles better than the stuff in the tub from the hair shop. It's creamy and soft and not strong smelling at all. It's funny because my hair really didn't like Shea butter in it before pure or in whipped form - it loved products with it in them but not raw form - but now it loves it.
The only thing that makes it not so great is that it causes my haor to have that tacky feeling, like build up but not quite. hmmmm I really don't want to buy one of the expensive products but part of me wants to give them a try, it's times like these that makes you yearn for the deals they have in America, and the great priced stores like Target and walmart etc. I did think about ordering from but the shipping and tax makes it not worth the good price as you end up paying way over in the long run...... Anyone going to *the States* anytime soon? Or anyone over there coming here? lol one can hope.

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