Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My phone died lolololol, all the photos and apps. I think the battery is on its way out as it looses its charge very quickly and takes ages to charge up. It wouldn't charge for me to continue blogging on the go so I took pics on hubbys phone.

Spiced Icing mixture for the stars. It was very thick so I used a little water to thin it out but it still wasn't enough, I didn't want the taste to be watery... aha!! My fresh ginger tea was on the side still and as I hadn't sweetened it I used that to make the icing thinner, added to the taste too.

The finished 3D Tree!! My sprinkles could not be found ... anywhere!! They must have got left behind while packing lol so I dusted some M&S Christmas Spice over the icing instead. I must say I am happy with it. The results are just as nice as the illustration on the box of cutters, different but nice. The company zoomed their pic so their stars look bigger. I tweaked their recipe as theirs was for plain cookies and I wanted Spiced Ginger. I also had to add quite a bit more flour to get the dough how I liked it.

At least I know it looks like a tree as the youngest is enthralled with it, the first thing he said when he saw it was "CHrismas tree!!" lol, he climbed on his step and kept looking at it, pointing and trying to touch it. He's slightly confused though and kept asking me "where stars gone" till I explained that the stars turned into the tree haaaaaaa bless him.

I decided to put some of the tree icing on the Gingerbread too. I just need to leave it to cool and harden before I cut it into squares - I need to buy a new rectangle or square tin, probably siliccone. I had to make use with my circle one.

My Poundland Cake/Cupcake stand is being put to good use, Star Cookie on top tier, Round ones in the middle and the bottom row left for the either the Gingerbread or the Brownies, Ooooo or maybe a mixture of the two... festive lolol.

I had a break in the baking frenzy to make and serve dinner.
After clearing away the dinner stuff I made the Brownies but I was so busy chatting to hubby that I put it into my big pan instead of my tree and snowflake ones... bahhh was funny though, hubby wasn't even sympathetic and couldn't see what the big fuss was, he said the boys wont care and if it bothered me I could make more lol.

I tidied up a little while the brownies baked. I left them to cool and will cut it up in the morning.
I was sooooooo tired. Just time to season the meats for tomorrow:

Bathroom time and then flexirod my hair, then sleep.... need to get a good rest ready for the Christmas cooking lol.

I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve, and all the prep work if any went smoothly.

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