Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Blogmas Day 24 - prep with me

Whaaaaaa??!! What happened to the last 3 days?!!! Can someone please tell me time has wizzzed by for them too?! Lololol.

Since I didn't blog for the last few days I thought it might be a nice/fun/maybe silly idea to blog as I go along with prep for tomorrow!! I have a few Christmas Day prep to do so why not?

I'll be blogging from the blogger app so please excuse any typos(what's new haaaa), weird formats etc etc

Plus the pics will come out as is and in whatever size,style etc that the app posts them in.

I'm not sure if emojis work so let me do a couple test ones here:

First up is baking;

Soooooo I dug out my tins, moulds, bowls, spoons, spatulas plus the rest of my bitses and washed them ready to go.
I'm going to do the Ginger Spice Stars for the 3D Tree.

Here's the dough all mixed, kneaded and stroked(am I the only one who strokes dough?! Hmmmm that sounds like a weird euphernism)

I have my iPad on YouTube with a Christmas playlist on

I'm already a little tired as I had to do a couple chores and sort the boys out first. I had on my sweater tunic thing with leggings to be comfy but it's hot!! So I put on my thin onesie to remain comfy but cool -temperature wise, not down with the kids wise.... This onesie is sooo not the second kind of cool:


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