Friday, 5 December 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 5 Favorite Christmas Food

 The fabby Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom is *hosting* 25 days of Christmas as her part of Blogmas, Day 5 is Favo(u)rite Christmas Food.

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 It has to be said, I do enjoy Christmas Dinner. When I was younger I used to love School Christmas Dinner. I hated every other day's meal but when I beacame allergic to whatever additive or oil they used I was soooo happy not to have to eat their food, until Christmas came round and I remembered how I enjoyed it and looked at my packed lunch with sadness lol,

Growing up we would always go to my Grandma's and all the extended family would have dinner together, being an only child I loved being part of the HUGE celebrations.
As a teen we went to both Grandma's and Step Grandmas in the same day alternating which order we went each year... Double celebrations lololol

My mum loves Christmas Breakfast and enjoyed Akee and Saltfish, green banana's, dumplings and yam. For me it was all about the Dinner.

borrowed from net (royalty free)

Dinner would always be an Embellished Roast, different meats, potatoes, parsnips, veg, stuffing, gravy, hard food, different rices, side dishes like macaroni cheese, fried dumplings, plantain and tuna pasta..... and my all time fave.... SPROUTS lol, I must have been the only child that loved Brussel Sprouts!! Kids would turn their noses up and allsorts but I would pop them like sweeties.

Even now as an adult they are my fave part of Christmas Dinner.
Now that I'm the mum I get to make the Christmas Dinner and look forward to the shopping, preparing, cooking and serving the yummiest roast of the year.

Christmas Dinner wouldn't be complete without the obligatory Turkey! I know a lot of people cant stand it as it's dry but I love a good few slices of Turkey Breast. Good for me this year as it's low in fat.

Another Christmas treat I look forward to is Mince Pies, although for the past couple of years I haven't really had the taste for the shop bought ones. maybe because I have lost a little of my sweet tooth but I like baking them at home - that way I can tweak the recipe to be less *naughty*

With all the reminiscing I didn't really answer the question haaaaaa

So my fave Christmas Food is:
Mince Pies

 I'll go have a nosey at everyone who added their links, it's interesting learning about other peoples traditions, cultures and preferences.


  1. Love your list of yummy foods and the stories too. I have always loved brussel sprouts and mince pies LOL

    1. lol, glad to meet a fellow sprout fan

  2. Ooh,delicious post! I also used to LOVE Christmas dinner at school!!!!


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